Win a free subscription to my Hooked on Humor audio series simply by posting a caption to the photo below:

Caption Contest — Win a Prize!

Win a copy of Hooked on Humor simply by posting a funny caption.
Winning is easy peasy:
1. Post a caption (and read the others) here on my blog. (Scroll Down!)
2. We’ll have two winners. The author of the funniest caption, and another winner chosen randomly from all entrants. (So if your idea isn’t that funny, post one anyway. Who knows?!)
3. There’s no third one. See? It’s easy.


So what are you waiting for. Scroll down and leave a funny caption to the photo as a comment below.
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I have a great job.  I love being a motivational speaker.  I love using my comedian skills to make groups laugh while they learn.   And I love meeting with and working with new people.

I also love giving stuff away.   I sell a program called Hooked on Humor, which is a one-year subscription to an audio series about how to use humor as a tool at work and at home.

But heck… in the spirit of merry and ho, I thought it would be fun to just give some away.


Enjoy it.  What do I want as a gift from you? Leave a comment, and tell me what you think!    Cheers!

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Brad Montgomery
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If you write the funniest caption for this photo, you can win a free copy of my book:
Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists On the Power of Laughter

Leave your submission below in the comment field, and if you’re one of the top two chosen submissions, we’ll send you a book. (Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists On the Power of Laughter.) (You’ll get the electronic version of the book.)

Here are some caption ideas submitted by other readers to help get your creative juices going. Have fun!

– – All we need are 132 gallons of ice cream, a bucket of chocolate, and 1339 cherries and it’s Banana Splits for the whole neighborhood!

– – What I’d give for a steak!

– – Potassium? Not a problem.

– – Whadda YOU looking at?

Submit your captions below as a comment.

Why is this caption writing relevant to you? Caption writing is a great exercise to loosen up your creativity skills. I’ve done this at the beginning of meetings with a few different photos and the result is a fun, relaxing, team-building exercise. Remember the rules: there is no such thing as a bad caption or idea. Write them all down, and celebrate the VOLUME of captions more than the QUALITY.

Need to kick start a meeting? Try this exercise and see the energy and creativity get a boost even before you start.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Caption Writer,

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