Comedian Lewis CK explains to Conan how spoiled the current genertion is. lewisck  I talk about this stuff in my keynote…. think Conan will call me?    (He’s a great comedian… I love him.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this “clean.”  — except for his last sentence… can’t imagine using that at one of my corporate clients. :)  Leave comment…. what do you think?


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Brad Montgomery
Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Fan of Lewis CK

Motivational Speakers as an Investment

The meeting industry is being scrutinized more than ever before.  And that means YOUR meeting is being scrutinized motivational-speaker-audiencemore than a Presidential nominee…. How can we possibly consider any investment in motivational speakers worth while?

What?!  Your organization has suffered through lay-offs and you’re considering bringing in a funny motivational speaker?  He’ll make us laugh and somehow that’s good for business?  You’re kidding, right?

Nope.  Not kidding.  In this bad economy THIS is the time to invest in your employees.  They need help; they need motivation. And if you can do it with laughter, all the better.

Why?   Because the right* motivational speaker will increase your bottom line.

How?  Glad you asked.   Let’s face it, your people already know what to do and how to do it. But they aren’t working fast enough or well enough. They aren’t producing to their potential. They aren’t working at their top capacity.***

The difference between what they are doing and what they are capable of doing is motivation.   Your team is not fully motivated to work as hard, as fast, as creatively, and with out as much oversight as they could if they were highly motivated.

Good motivational speakers are black belts at getting your people back to a higher speed and level of production.

What’s the value of a speaker to you?  Do The Math.

Okay skeptics, this section is for you.  Let’s be conservative and imagine that the right speaker could increase the quality and quantity of your work product by just 2% for one week.    Add up the total value of your current work product.  Now calculate the value of a 2% increase for 7 days.  What is the monetary value of that net change? 

But let’s admit it, a 2% increase is pretty lame.  Do you think a great dose of motivation could push your group up 5%?  10%?  Sure.  And could that motivation last longer than a week?  Do you think we could make the message “stick” for 10 days?  A fortnight?  A month?  Six months? A year?  Heck yeah.   How do these numbers change your math?   Look down:   your calculator is shouting:  You can’t afford NOT to invest in a motivational speaker.****

Motivation and Lasting Change.

Let’s take it one step further to insure that your speaker investment pays:  what plans do you have to follow up on the message your speaker delivers?  My clients ask me to deliver a proven system of follow-up with their organizations to assure that the message lasts.  I use everything from return visits to tele-seminars to customized videos to audio magazine subscriptions to reaffirm and reinforce the message to make sure that what we do has some “sticking” power.

And, if you go back to your math, you’ll notice the monetary value of creating lasting change.  The more “lasting” the change is, the greater value of your investment in your speaker.

Motivational speakers have a (sometimes deserved) bad reputation.  We come in and fire up the group, make them feel like a million dollars, and then leave.  Then before the month is out that feeling is gone.  The net change is zero.  Right?  Wrong.  I have a great answer to this objection.  (Ok, I have three.)

1.  Motivation is like a shower.  Just because you’ve had a shower doesn’t mean you’ll never need another.  Showers are worth it.  And so are motivational speakers.

2.  For organizations serious about creating lasting change, I have a system for follow up to make sure the motivation lasts.  (Sorry, you’ll still need to continue showering.)  

3.  Because we can compute the value of even tiny and short-lived increases in personal motivation – and because even those small changes can result in HUGE financial gains, even poor motivation is a decent investment.  And excellent motivational speakers are an outstanding investment.

Yes, I know your budget is cut.  Yes, I understand that you need to justify your investments more than ever.  Yes, I understand that making your people laugh isn’t important when everybody is focused on your bottom line. But people are your greatest asset.  Your factories work.  Your machines are running.  Better office supplies won’t make a dent.  The best place to find increased profits and economic stability is in your people – and they need motivation. And because lately they’ve been feeling the stress too, they need to laugh.

Motivation + Laughter + A Plan For Lasting Change = Greater Productivity.

I’d love to be the one to help you make a difference.  Let’s talk about how to invest in your people today.  Go to the contact page.

*  Yup, when I say “The right motivational speaker” I mean me. :)
** No, I haven’t been spying on you.   I’ve just read the studies.
***  No, your webcam isn’t on. Don’t worry.   I can’t see you or your calculator (or your jammies.) 

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Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational speaker who believes that people who enjoy a great quality of (work) life produce a better quality of work-product.   And he shares this message in a laugh-out-loud funny way to organizations across the country and across the world.

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I’m part of the National Speakers Association, and some of the Certified Speaking Professionals recently had a e-conversation that started with this great question:

Who do you THINK (you do not have to be right!) is the most expensive keynoter on the market today?
Here are some of the best responses:

  • I’d go with Bill Clinton. I understand he’s a million dollars.When he isn’t speaking for free.   — Janelle Barlow  
  • One speaker guessed Donald Trump at $1 Million an hour – 3 hour contract.
  • Paris Hilton was guessed by another speaker pal, also at $1 million for an hour.
  • Motivational speaker Warren Evans CSP from Toronto, Canada wrote   “Just recently talking with a planner overseas for whom I am doing a gig  this spring. She tells me thought of bringing Lance Armstrong in, but he wants $750,000 for an hour.   If she can find a sponsor, however, to do a tour . . . he’ll do 4 days, or was it 5?, for a flat million.  Richard Branson is $150,000: same event. Course, these are US dollars, so it’s not as expensive as it sounds . . .
  • Motivational Speaker Scott Mckain added this:  This isn’t a current speaker, but legend has it that the most money ever paid for a keynote went to Art Linkletter.  Walt Disney asked Linkletter to be the speaker and emcee of the opening of Disneyland in July 1955. However, Disney had spent every nickel on the attraction, and didn’t have the money to pay Linkletter to speak. So, Linkletter said he’d give the opening address for the park — if Disney would give him all of the sales of film and camera accessories for twenty-five years. Disney agreed.  I’ve never seen a precise dollar amount — but, can you even begin to fathom how many rolls of film, flash bulbs, and other pre-digital items were sold at DISNEYLAND over a quarter of a century? Has to be the highest paid presentation of all time…   And, by the way…Linkletter is still speaking! 

But my favorite answer came from keynote speaker Jeffrey Hansler 

  • Well, the most expensive keynoter was the guy that charged $2000 and then destroyed the entire purpose of the meeting – now that was expensive….

So what do YOU think? What is the most expensive keynote speaker?

If you want a keynote speaker who can make a difference for your organization and don’t have the $1 million for Paris Hilton, perhaps you’ll consider me? Contact me directly here.

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Let’s talk about motivational speakers and their fees and rates.

I just am back from a job in Las Vegas where I was hired to be their humorist motivational speaker. After a quick conversation with my client about the costs of the microphones, of the coffee services, of the snacks, and the bottles of water, I had an epiphany. (Yes, that is a big word. Mom would be proud.)

I learned that the total expenditure for my speakers fee was LESS than what they paid for the coffee breaks. My rate was less than what they paid for the coffee.

When you are planning your convention your meeting budget, consider what will make a more lasting impression on your attendees. Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

What will your audience remember and appreciate more:
• The motivational speaker who rocked the audience or the fact that you got the fancier snack for that break?
• The humorist that made their faces hurt from laughing or the fact that they had the nicer bottles of wine?
• The keynote speaker who set an awesome tone for the conference or the fact that you got the more expensive dessert?

What’s my point? I know that we live in a real world with limited resources. and I know that no meeting has as large of a budget as they would like. But when you’re setting your meeting budget, are speakers fees really where you want to skimp? No…just the opposite. There is no doubt that long after they have forgotten the fact that you got the nicer chicken dish, or the better this, or the better that, they will remember that your motivational speaker was weak. But the glow and fire they will get from a top notch, funny kkeynote speaker will more than overshadow the fact that you compromised on one of the millions of (expense details.

But… if your humorist or motivational speaker rocks….they will remember that LONG after they have forgotten about the tiny other details where you didn’t skimp. They’ll have forgotten the slightly more pricey lunch (that yo chose in lieu of the lower priced lunch) but they’ll remember that the speaker was a waste of their time.

I’ve actually had this discussion with my clients. A few of them who were a tad short of my fee found that by cutting back on one or two salads, picking cookies instead of brownies, and … well…. you get the idea… they could suddenly meet my fee. (Yes, I’m biased, but I think it makes a ton of sense.)

Next time you are choosing your speaker, consider going top shelf. Skimp on the coffee break, the delux side dishes and the wine upgrade and splurge on a killer speaker with a ton of experience, a long list of happy clients, and a LONG, and verifiable track record.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Expert on Speakers’ costs, Way  better than Dessert!

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