Comedian Lewis CK explains to Conan how spoiled the current genertion is. lewisck  I talk about this stuff in my keynote…. think Conan will call me?    (He’s a great comedian… I love him.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this “clean.”  — except for his last sentence… can’t imagine using that at one of my corporate clients. :)  Leave comment…. what do you think?


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Brad Montgomery
Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Fan of Lewis CK

Let’s talk about motivational speakers and their fees and rates.

I just am back from a job in Las Vegas where I was hired to be their humorist motivational speaker. After a quick conversation with my client about the costs of the microphones, of the coffee services, of the snacks, and the bottles of water, I had an epiphany. (Yes, that is a big word. Mom would be proud.)

I learned that the total expenditure for my speakers fee was LESS than what they paid for the coffee breaks. My rate was less than what they paid for the coffee.

When you are planning your convention your meeting budget, consider what will make a more lasting impression on your attendees. Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

What will your audience remember and appreciate more:
• The motivational speaker who rocked the audience or the fact that you got the fancier snack for that break?
• The humorist that made their faces hurt from laughing or the fact that they had the nicer bottles of wine?
• The keynote speaker who set an awesome tone for the conference or the fact that you got the more expensive dessert?

What’s my point? I know that we live in a real world with limited resources. and I know that no meeting has as large of a budget as they would like. But when you’re setting your meeting budget, are speakers fees really where you want to skimp? No…just the opposite. There is no doubt that long after they have forgotten the fact that you got the nicer chicken dish, or the better this, or the better that, they will remember that your motivational speaker was weak. But the glow and fire they will get from a top notch, funny kkeynote speaker will more than overshadow the fact that you compromised on one of the millions of (expense details.

But… if your humorist or motivational speaker rocks….they will remember that LONG after they have forgotten about the tiny other details where you didn’t skimp. They’ll have forgotten the slightly more pricey lunch (that yo chose in lieu of the lower priced lunch) but they’ll remember that the speaker was a waste of their time.

I’ve actually had this discussion with my clients. A few of them who were a tad short of my fee found that by cutting back on one or two salads, picking cookies instead of brownies, and … well…. you get the idea… they could suddenly meet my fee. (Yes, I’m biased, but I think it makes a ton of sense.)

Next time you are choosing your speaker, consider going top shelf. Skimp on the coffee break, the delux side dishes and the wine upgrade and splurge on a killer speaker with a ton of experience, a long list of happy clients, and a LONG, and verifiable track record.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Expert on Speakers’ costs, Way  better than Dessert!

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What?!  A Free Motivational Speaker? No Way!

freeIf you want funny motivational speaker Brad Montgomery to speak free for one of your charity organizations it’s easy—  just book Brad at full fee for your organization,  then Brad will work with one of your favorite charitable or pet organizations for free.    Maybe your kid goes to school that needs Brad’s special blend of motivation and comedy?  Or maybe you’re affiliated with a survivors group?  The local food bank?  Or a  home for special needs kids? A support group?  Or your church, synagogue or mosque?   No sweat.. Brad will work with that organization for free.

Here’s how it works.
Brad will speak for your organization as usual.  Then, during that same trip, Brad will speak to your charitable organization. If  you’re looking for a top notch funny motivational speaker for your Rotary event, the staff at your local school, or any special group or organization  that deserves something special but doesn’t have the budget for it, here’s your chance to make a splash.

It’s Brad — two for one!   Book Brad now at regular price and get another Brad for free.

As you might guess, some restrictions apply.   All we ask is that you help fit the bonus program within Brad’s travel, and schedule the bonus program in tightly with the regularly scheduled event.     Second, the bonus program or speech must be for a charitable organization;   this deal does not mean Brad will speak twice for your group at one fee.  The free bonus motivational speech has to be for charity.   (Non-profit organizations are great…. but they are not always charitable organizations.)

The bottom line is that Brad loves to work and share his message of humor and motivation with groups of all types, but he has a special place in his heart for charitable groups.   This “Two For One” concept is is a way for Brad to help fulfill his goal of spreading his word to people who need it.

But best of all, it’s good for you.  It’s YOUR chance  at a cool brand of philanthropy.  You’ll be responsible for getting Brad into your special organization,  your pet charity your favorite charity for free!

freeAs you might guess, each event is wildly different.   So to figure out how we can make this work for you and your charitable organization, just call our office and will work to find a way to make this great deal to work for you.

Brad will speak for free?!  You bet. Call us today and let’s get started making this special deal work for you!

Contact Brad Now.  Or just pick up the phone:  303.691.0726

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