You Be the Judge:  Which Marshmallow is “Perfectly Roasted?”

Ok, so my family went camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains — and had an epic marshmallow-roasting-contest.  My kids thought they roasted the perfect marshmallow.  But I thought I had it nailed.  “Dad!  Put photos on your speaker blog!”   So here they are.

Will you help us judge the contest?  Who do YOU think won?

Cast your votes below!  Which Marshmallow is perfect?  Leave your choice (and the reason you voted for it) below.

Roasted marshmallows

Let the voting begin!  Which one is the winner?

(No, this has nothing to do with being a happiness motivational speaker. But darn, it’s pretty fun.  And you can solve a family fight.  So vote now and pick the winner.

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I took this photo while going through Denver International Airport.  Got this shot off before a TSA guy “asked” me to knock that off.  (I wanted to get one from a different angle, but couldn’t get the guy to let me.  (I did make the TSA guy laugh…but I couldn’t get him to “look the other way.”   Goodie…. chalk one up for safety!)

Leave caption below and I’ll send the funniest caption author  a copy of my book, Humor Us:  America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

caption context

Enter your caption below in the comments field.  The winner get’s a copy of a book.  (No, it’s not as good as a Toyota, but it’s way easier to send.)   good luck peeps!

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If you write the funniest caption for this photo, you can win a free copy of my book:
Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists On the Power of Laughter

Leave your submission below in the comment field, and if you’re one of the top two chosen submissions, we’ll send you a book. (Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists On the Power of Laughter.) (You’ll get the electronic version of the book.)

Here are some caption ideas submitted by other readers to help get your creative juices going. Have fun!

– – All we need are 132 gallons of ice cream, a bucket of chocolate, and 1339 cherries and it’s Banana Splits for the whole neighborhood!

– – What I’d give for a steak!

– – Potassium? Not a problem.

– – Whadda YOU looking at?

Submit your captions below as a comment.

Why is this caption writing relevant to you? Caption writing is a great exercise to loosen up your creativity skills. I’ve done this at the beginning of meetings with a few different photos and the result is a fun, relaxing, team-building exercise. Remember the rules: there is no such thing as a bad caption or idea. Write them all down, and celebrate the VOLUME of captions more than the QUALITY.

Need to kick start a meeting? Try this exercise and see the energy and creativity get a boost even before you start.

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