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Brad with Scott Friedman

Meet Scott Friedman: My Personal Mentor, Encourager, And Advisor

Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery discuss how to live the dream by aligning work, passions, and lifestyle. They delve into Scott's foundation, Together We Can Change The World, and his speaker tours that serve a greater purpose. Discover how Scott's approach can inspire you to create a life you love.
Brad laughing with happy audience member

Why Are You Looking for A Mediocre Motivational Keynote Speaker?

I believe my job isn’t to be “good enough”. Or to earn evaluations that are high enough that nobody is unhappy. My job is to absolutely rock an audience in a way that everybody congratulates my client for picking the perfect speaker. The speaker that they’ll never forget. The speaker that will make next year’s speaker look bad by comparison.
motivational speaker

Change? Laugh or Cry. Your Choice.

When we as organizations or individuals deal with change there are two certainties. First, it's going to be something new. Duh. Second, it's going to happen whether we want it to or not.
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