The Suspicious Looking Device is a bright orange box with a countdown timer on the top. If you touch it, it lets out a loud siren and then scoots away on a set of hidden wheels. Its entire purpose is to look suspicious — it has no other function. Link (via Digg)

This thing cracks me up. I love that whoever went to the trouble to invent this goofy thing has a huge sense of humor. Yeah, I know that you could create some real chaos if you put it in an airport or something like that. But wouldn’t it be funny to give one to your wife on Valentines Day? Or to your (much loved) boss on her birthday? Don’t you think it might be funny putting this device on the receptionist’s desk for people to wonder about when the check in for their doctors’ appointment?

Need humor in the workplace and don’t want to freak anybody out? Bring me in do do my motivational speaker humorist keynote…. no suspicious device needed.

Thanks Boing Boing

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