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As a motivational change management speaker, I’m hired to help my audiences see situations in a new light and to offer concrete takeaways that motivate them to make a change. I just went through something that reminded me that stressful situations are scenarios that we have more control over than we think.  The only person who gets to decide how stressed out you are is YOU.

So here’s what happened: my wife and I own a rental house and there were issues going on with both the property itself as well as the people that were renting the house.  The issues felt really big because the renters were a wreck, the problems were expensive, and we didn’t know what to do. I’m embarrassed to admit that the house issue had us in a tail spin for three solid days.  It was all we talked about and the topic consumed us. Every detail seemed critical and we were completely stressed out.

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And then we realized something…no matter what decision we made regarding the house, the situation would be fine.  There really was no crisis.  We just needed to make a decision and move on.  And in the end, it turned out that the “crisis” was just in our own heads.  Sound familiar?

It’s a great reminder that only we can control our own level of stress. And our own attitude towards a situation has a great deal to do with that.  So, what is freaking you out right now?  Is it a crazy family member?  A huge project looming at work?  Your manager or your teammate?  Whatever it is, the problem is most likely bigger in your mind than anywhere else. The best way to conquer that stress is to make an informed and educated decision and move on. There’s no crisis!  Move on, life is good!

[Power tip:   give yourself permission to make mistakes.  With my wife and I, as soon as we were at peace with the fact that we needed to make a decision, and that there was a strong chance that we’d make the wrong choice, we were making progress.  If we made the wrong choice would that be a big deal?  Nope. We could fix any problem. It might cost some time and money, but we can fix it.  Relax.  Got a choice that is stressing you out? Remind yourself that making the WRONG choice is fixable!]

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Here’s the greater takeaway: each of us really is in charge of our own stress level and happiness.  Whether you are dealing with relationships, work issues or a rental house, stress is almost always in your head.  If we are smart enough and engaged, combating stress is simple.  I truly believe that the only person who gets to decide how stressed out you are is YOU. 

Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery speaks to the people side of performance.  His keynote addresses inspire audiences to crank up their potential and empower them to do their best.  Contact Brad today to find out how your next meeting can be epic.

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