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Generate Big Laughs With Audience Members

How to Generate Big Laughs with Audience Members Without Embarrassing Them — or You

This is a recording of the very well-reviewed teleseminar from SpeakerNetNews and Rebecca Morgan.

Rebecca is a master interviewer, and brings out info from Brad that is more valuable than ever.

The Program:

You’ve heard that those who can deliver a message and humor get paid more. But you don’t tell jokes, and your stories just aren’t that funny. So how can you add natural humor without it seeming forced? Tap your audience for humor! No, we aren’t talking about embarrassing anyone, although a little loving teasing may be in order. As a comedian and magician, Brad learned how to engage individuals in his audience or else he couldn’t do his tricks – which meant he didn’t eat! He uses these honed techniques in his motivational keynotes and will share how you can add more humor and get your audience more involved not only to make your presentations funnier, but also to increase the connection between you and your audiences.

You will learn:

* How to use interview skills to improve the connection between you and your audience and to maximize laughter. (Ask questions – get laughs.)
* Five questions to ask your audience that lead to laughs.
* Tips for treating volunteers with class and charm – and humor.
* How far can (and should) you go to push the envelope?
* What to do when your audience-involvement humor fails.
* How to be witty, creative and impromptu, even when you aren’t.

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Price:  $12.97

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