What is this Stuff and Why Should You Care?

Humor Kit FAQ

Why Are These Kits Important?

Implement. Remind. Reinforce.

Part of Brad’s job as a motivational humorist speaker is to teach people about the power of laughter and humor. Firing them up, whipping up their enthusiasm, and creating hope for their futures is great. But instigating change so that they can take steps to create an environment more conducive to humor is even better.

Brad is good (actually, he’s really good) at whipping people up, making them laugh hard, and giving them a healthy perspective about their jobs and their lives. But most clients also want to get their folks to the next step by helping them implement humor at their work, with their families, and in their lives. These kits enable your group to take these humor techniques and ideas back to their homes and offices, and they are able to joke their way through the remainder of the meeting or convention.

You want more than just a Keynote or Seminar experience; you want to empower your folks to create more laughter over the next few hours, days, months…. And that’s much more likely to happen with follow-up… and tools. Fun tools. Humor tools.

The best way for them to make this leap from theory to practice is to give your group a healthy helping of Brad Montgomery, and follow with a chaser called The Humor Tool Kit.

What’s the Result? Humor Tool Kit ROI?
With the kit, your audience will be able to immediately implement the lessons they learn from Brad. You’ll see immediate results. The coffee break directly following Brad’s program will suddenly be more fun. You’ll hear the laughter. You’ll feel the energy. They’ll squeak on the plane, they’ll kiss their spouse with goofy teeth, they’ll break the tension in the meeting with a ‘10’ Sign or Clown Nose. And this stuff is conducive to awesome photos. Can you imagine a photo of your Board wearing clown noses? Or the IT guys with funny teeth?

These Kits are a huge addition to the program, and really improve the Return On Investment.
“They loved the kits! And so do I! What a wonderful way to continue the fun after your presentation was over.” — Rockwell FirstPoint Contact

How Do We Distribute the Humor Kits?
This part is really fun. There are many ways to do it, but our favorite is to set up an “Oprah Moment.” After we show them, and teach them how these things work, we talk about how they are for sale, etc. But then we turn to you — or your staff — and say, “Lisa, isn’t there a better way?” (Unless your name isn’t Lisa, in which case we’d use your name. But we’re pretty sure you knew what we meant anyway.) Then you, with a huge basket filled with kits yell, “Yes Brad, I’ve got them right now… AND EVERYBODY GETS ONE!”

Joy. Applause. They love you, because you’re suddenly a super-hero (but without the cape, unless you really want one, in which case you’ll need to buy one yourself. We can’t do everything.)

Trust us, this is a really fun moment… they’ll love it. And they’ll love you for making it happen.

What’s in the Kits?

It depends on the kit, your industry, and your budget Furthermore, Brad is always finding something new and funny so that the kits are constantly changing. But most of them are goofy little things you’d never find at Wal-Mart.

Specifically, there is nearly always some mixture of Hand Squeakers,  Car Magnets, “10” signs, clown noses, bubba teeth, and sterile collection cups.
Before the program, these toys and items are somewhere between boring and meaningless. AFTER the program, after they’ve seen Brad teach them in his own hilarious way how to use them, they are must-own, gotta-have stuff! Besides, this stuff makes a convention or meeting really fun.

In addition, most groups’ kits include a copy of Brad’s book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter. (Learn more about the book at http://www.humorme.biz) Some groups want both of Brad’s books, in which case we add, Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

The book is very important because folks need to have something with which to follow up the learning. They need something to take home, read, and reinforce the message of taking oneself more lightly.

If it appeals to you, you can arrange to have Brad autograph the books.

“If I hadn’t seen my nuclear engineers squeaking and laughing at the coffee break after your keynote I would have never believed it! Those silly squeakers were riotous and were just what we needed to keep the tone — which you started in your talk — going through the day, the conference, and hopefully through out the year.” — Utilities Service Alliance

How Much Do the Kits cost?
Again, it depends on the kit. It also depends on the number of people in your group. The range is huge, but starts at $6.25 per person and goes up $50 per/person. Our most popular kit is just under $25. Call us if you need us to customize the kits for your group.
For groups who have already booked Brad and want to learn more about pre-purchased products, give us a buzz. We’ll find the right match for your group and your needs.
Or you can “order off the shelf” below. Thanks!
Humor Tool Kit

Brad has sold more of these Kits than you can shake a stick at. For folks looking for some fun ways to add humor to their lives.

Call us for and we’ll customize a kit for your group, your desired outcomes, and your budget.  But we have the to most popular listed here:

Standard Kit
Noses and squeaker
(Call us for bulk pricing.)




Mega Humor Tool Kit
Everything in the normal Humor Toolkit, then supersized. This is the Pro version! Squeaker, Nose,  Buba Teef, “10” Sign and one of Brad’s Humor Me books.  Wanna be a professional? This is the one? Looking for some fun ways to add some humor to your life, your family, and your job? This bad boy is your ticket to joy!
(Call us for bulk pricing.)




Additional shipping charges will apply for all orders outside the U.S. and Canada.