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$14.97 – Humor Tool Kit

Brad has sold more of these Kits than you can shake a stick at. For folks looking for some fun ways to add humor to their lives. Noses & squeaker.

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$27.97 – Mega Humor Tool Kit

Everything in the normal Humor Toolkit, then supersized. This is the Pro version! Squeaker, Nose, Coffee-cup-on-Car Magnet, Buba Teef & “10” sign. Looking for some fun ways to add some humor to your life, your family, and your job? This bad boy is your ticket to joy!






$15.97 – Bubba Teeth

These ‘er the good ones! (Trust me on this… I’ve bought ‘em all. These are the ones you want. They come with dental putty to fit your teef!





$14.97 – Packet of 10 Noses

Includes Brads Top Ideas for Using a Clown Nose to Brighten Your Life.
If you’re looking for something to change the tone at your next business meeting or sales call (or even at your next family reunion), these are your ticket to laughter and a greater sense of lightness.

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$14.97 – Package of 10 Individually Wrapped Squeakers

You can make anything appear to squeak, as you set the tone with your clients and co-workers, family and friends. Can you imagine making your elbow squeak? This little toy is a hilarious way to lighten up your world.


$19.97 – Car Magnet Gag

Super Strong (and we mean wow!) for you to put in your empty paper coffee cup. Put the cup on your car and you can drive around town at 45 mph! This is a must-own for anybody wanting a harmless, victim-less practical joke. Not available in hardware stores… this thing is potent!



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Most Popular Items | Presentation Skills