Staying Motivated (Audio CD)


Staying Inspired in a Sometimes Not So Inspiring World.
CD Audio


Two of America’s most prominent professional speakers, Motivational Humorists Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery share tips, tricks, ideas and techniques for staying motivated. You’ll learn fun & easy Humor Rituals that help you become more positive and productive, how serving others increases your motivation, and how being thankful helps you live a better life, and much more.

Want to know how motivational speakers stay motivated themselves? Then this audio is for you.

This audio is not from a live show; it is an authentic and real conversation between two funny guys who, like the rest of us, need to consistantly search for ways to stay on top of their attitudes. —–

“Great ideas… and presented in such a non-prentious way. Just a pleasure. Fun to listen to during my commute.” — Frank Steel, Ohio

Staying Inspired is a CD that is perfect for people looking for postive things to listen to in order to keep themselves motivated. Great for listening to on your morning walk, during your drive to work, or anytime you think you could benefit from some simple ideas about how to keep your chin up.

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I strongly believe in the power of listening to positive stuff while working out, while driving, and walking. How do WE stay upbeat in a world that often seems dead set against it? One technique is to listen to audios like this. — Brad Montgomery