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The Second in Brad’s Series of Humor in Action and the Power of Laughter.
Chapters in this book Include:
•Humor and Marriage
•Humor and Business
•Humor and Creativity
•Humor and Stress
•Humor and The Workplace
•Humor and Tragedy
•Humor and Family
… and much more

Do ya think YOU could benefit from a positive book about humor, laughter, and how you can have more of both in YOUR life? Then this book is for you!

From the Introduction:

Here’s an idea: Ask 18 of America’s funniest motivational speakers, humorists and comedians to submit their best ideas about the Power of Laughter. Ask them to write on everything from Humor-and-Marriage to Humor-and-Business to Humor-and-Creativity. And then put those ideas in a book. What do you get? Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

This isn’t a joke book, though it’ll make you laugh. This is a book about finding, using, and fine-tuning our senses of humor. Most of us don’t need — or want! — somebody to teach us how to tell a joke. What we need are ideas about how to better handle our stresses, our losses, and the day-to-day difficulties that  confront us everyday. We need reminders about how to enjoy ourselves, our families, and our jobs.

This book is made up of chapters written by folks just like you. (Well, not exactly like you, unless you make your living on stage making folks laugh and delivering messages of hope, humor, and attitude.)

But like you, the authors are struggling to find their way in a complex and often not-so-funny world. They aren’t counselors or PhDs, though each of those professions are represented here. They are normal people with abnormal jobs: they are humorists. They study humor for a living, and then use that knowledge to make people laugh and to convey a positive message. And now they’re sharing that wisdom with you.

What’s Humor to You?
Humor doesn’t mean you have to be a clown, play practical jokes, or even laugh out loud with your boss. (Though maybe you should do all of those things.) Humor is an attitude. Improving your sense of humor might mean as little as being less dour, less uptight, and less severe. Sure, it might mean that you laugh more each day. (And frankly, we hope you do.) But improving your sense of humor could be as simple as just being a bit more glad.

So sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to lighten up. Our world is often serious and occasionally
very difficult. That’s all the more reason why we all need reminders about the Power of Laughter. Don’t wait…

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