Humor Me — America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter

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Humor Me! America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter is not a joke book-although it will make you laugh. It’s not a book about comedy technique-but it can help you be funnier. It is a book about the power of laughter and humor, about the importance and value of having fun. And it’s a book chock-full of tips on how to inject more humor into your life-starting today!

Why This Book?

The everyday stresses of life can leave us feeling hassled, hurried, and tightly wound. Add to that a fragile economy during a time of threatened security, and we could be left feeling frightened, vulnerable, and off the chart on the stress meter. We need tools for coping.

Humor and laughter are two of the best. Not only do they make life more enjoyable; they help us deal more effectively with real-life difficulties we may face.

Within these pages, you’ll find tons of information on using humor to manage the stress of change, loss, conflict, disability, and even death. You’ll learn how to use humor to deal effectively with others, to strengthen relationships, and to encourage people to join you in the process. Humor and laughter will not just change your day; they can change your life.

Why These Authors?

When you want to learn about something, you check with an expert, right? Lucky you! With Humor Me, you hold in your hands the wisdom of not one, but 16 experts on the power of laughter and humor.

These authors do much more than make their closest pals laugh. They can take any group, on any day, anywhere, and shake them out of their chairs with laughter. Their craft requires study, practice, and a deep understanding of human nature as they apply humor toward putting us in step with our lives.

Not only are these authors VERY funny, but they have hundreds of years of combined experience in teaching others why laughter reduces the ill effects of stress. Their stories and examples show you how to reap the rewards that come from living your life with more humor.

Humor Me is written by some of the most experienced professionals in America. You’ll see alphabet soup following their names because higher education and advanced degrees are plentiful among this group. But you might not recognize two designations, both awarded by the National Speakers Association. In the world of experts who speak professionally, these two recognized symbols of excellence are the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE).

The CSP designation is conferred only on those who have met strict criteria regarding experience, professionalism, and platform skills. Fewer than 7% of professional speakers worldwide have earned this designation. And Humor Me features 11 CSPs.

The CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame signifies the top echelon of platform excellence and professionalism. The CPAE is a big deal. Actually, it’s huge. And two authors in Humor Me have CPAE behind their names. (For more information on these designations and the National Speakers Association, visit

Why Now?

Why put up with unnecessary stress for one more minute when there’s something you can do about it that’s fun, free, and fairly easy to learn? There’s no time like now to think, laugh, and learn. Go ahead. Turn the page and get started!

Sample Chapter

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