How To Be a Motivational Speaker (Audio CD)

How To Be a Motivational Speaker

So You Want to Be a Motivational Speaker? Finally, there is a one-stop audio with all of the REAL short cuts, secrets and details of how to get started in this crazy speaking business.  Yup, there are a gazillion folks would love to take your money to teach you how to enter this exciting market, but none of them are the real deal.  None of them actually speak for a living to real audiences who pay them for their presentations. How to Be A Motivational Speaker Seriously…before you spend 10 times this investment in learning how to be a professional speaker, check closely to see if that “teacher” really makes a living speaking to real audiences. After answering the question, “Brad, could I take you to lunch to pick your brain about how to be a speaker?” a few dozen times, and after fielding hundreds of phone calls from good people eager to learn the secrets of getting started as a professional speaker, I finally got smart and put my best ideas down in an easy to follow, easy to understand format. If you want to learn the real secrets from a real pro, here’s your chance. Testimonial For Brad’s CD.

You’ll learn:

•  How to create a keynote.  What is a keynote?  How long should it be?  What are the basic building blocks?  Can you teach me the formula for a How to be a Motivational speaker audiobasic speech?

•  How to pick (or narrow down) your speaking topic?  Not sure what your motivational speech should be about exactly?  Then you’ll love what Brad has to say about it.

• How to practice your keynote in “chunks”so that when you get your first paid booking, you’ll come out swinging.

• Details about how to get booked.  Yes, you’ll start with some free dates, but how do you get those dates?  The secrets — which are delightfully simple — are included in this audio.  And free dates lead to fee dates.  Very cool.

• Book 50 – 100 speeches in your first year.  I did it, and you can too.  It’s easy if you know how and I’ll spill the itty gritty details.  (No…you aren’t going to get rich your first year, but can you imagine how GOOD you’ll be after giving just 50 programs in front of 50 different audiences?)

•  You’ll learn the SINGLE best / most important marketing technique that took me about 15 years to learn.

• You’ll learn a little about websites and other promotional material for speakers.

• How you can get other (more established) speakers to refer business to you.  (You’ll love this idea!)

• You’ll learn how important testimonials are for your business.  And the specific techniques I use to get them every time.

• You’ll learn how to to make sure every speaking date leads to more speaking dates.

• What professional speakers’ organizations you should join and why.

Darren-WellingtonFind out what one of my customers, Darren Wellington,  had to say about this CD.


I’m proud of this professional produced CD.   It has already helped hundreds of entry level speakers.  Why not invest today in yourself and get started in the best job you’ll ever have. Price:  $37.97 Audio CD (This price is ridiculous.   : ) How much would you pay to get the best secrets from a 2 decade veteran?  But for this product, I’m more interested in getting people off on the right foot than trying to make a huge profit.)



P.S.  This product is 100% guaranteed.  If you don’t like it, for any reason, I’ll give you your money back.  guaranteed professional speaker(Can you tell that I think this product is good for you? :)   If you want to learn how to be a motivational speaker or how to be a professional speaker you need this audio.

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