Hooked On Humor | Audio Subscription Series

Hooked On Humor

Audio Subscription Series | 28 Episodes

Ideas, tips, & techniques to put more humor in your career, your family, and your life.

A full year subscription to the audio program that can change your outlook, five minutes at a time.

Would you like to more easily access your sense of humor? Would you like to learn the secrets of using humor to get more of what you want out of life? Have you always wanted to be funnier? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this audio series is for you. Join America’s most prominent motivational humorists as they share unique insights on how to harness the power of humor. You’ll laugh; you’ll learn you’ll lighten up, as you develop your own unique sense of humor. Every two weeks you’ll receive a 5 minute audio recording via the internet that will teach, remind, and reinforce the skills you need to utilize the power of laughter in your home and work life.

If you agree that regular reminders – and tips and techniques – to ramp up the levity at work and at home are important, then you’ll love this subscription.

What would it mean to YOU if you were reminded on a REGULAR BASIS to take yourself less seriously in a format that is easy to access and easy and fun.

Nope… These recordings are not stand up comedy, though they will make you laugh. Instead you’ll listen in on Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery (and many of the nation’s top humorists) as they teach the secrets, from their perspective as humor pros to:

* Keeping a positive attitude at work.

* Safe techniques to incorporate humor in today’s workplace

* How your sense of humor can increase the connection between you and your clients.

* Tips on telling jokes (and resources for finding safe ones!)

* How to better access humor during difficult times

* How to improve your sense of humor

* How to use humor to enhance staff meetings.

* How humor and branding are related, and why you should care.

* How to use humor in difficult times, and how it can help.

* Humor rituals: what are they and how can they help you get what you want?

* How to use humor to start conversations and ease communications

* How to defuse tension with humor

…. And much much more.

Details: This product is a series of digital recordings (mp3 files) that will be delivered to you every other week for one year. The recordings average to be about 5 minute long. You may listen to the episodes online, download the files to listen to offline, or you may load them on your iPod (or any other mp3 player.)

Price: $54.77

(That’s less than a two bucks per episode. Way less than a Grande Latte. A better, more productive, more positive attitude for the price of a bottled water? What a bargain!)


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