How to Incorporate Humor In Your Presentations

How to Incorporate Humor In Your Presentations

Audio Recording: Brad’s NSA Teleseminar!

Hear Brad talk about this program.

Brad’s Teleseminar for the National Speakers Association.
Brad Montgomery uses his skills as a corporate entertainer, comedian and magician to convey a message. This program is a LIVE recording of Brad’s teleseminar for the National Speakers Association Humor Peg. Speaking to (and fielding answers from) other speakers, trainers, and presentors from all across the country. Moderated by Brad’s fellow speaker, good friend, and very funny woman Shawna Schuh, this program is 60 valuable minutes for anybody who is interested in using humor in front of any sized audience.

Wanna learn from a humor-pro how to incorporate more humor into your presentation? Then this is the disc for you.

teleseminar teleseminar
Note: this product is Mp3-download only. (Not available on CD)
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(Disclaimer: This is a recording of a teleseminar. You can hear and understand everything, but it was recorded through a teleseminar trunk line. But the good news? The price is right!)

If you are in sales or marketing; if you a professional presentor, entertainer, or even just preparing for a one-time presentation… you’ll love this program!

You’ll Learn:

• Is Humor Teachable? (And why you might care?)
• Stories about Brad working in Renaissance Faires and in Tennessee in a Comedy Theater. (And why you should care?)
• Blue Humor… Can you use it? How? Why? How much?
• Guidelines for people in our audiences about how to lighten up?
• Funny interview techniques… how can You be David Letterman or Jay Leno?
• Probe Deeper Technique ? What the heck is that?
• Why humor doesn’t always mean punch lines. Sometimes it doesn’t even result in laughter?
• More on planned spontaneity
• A resources everybody speaker, presenter or trainer should have!
• When to leave your planned material. (When can you take humor risks?)
• The best ways to test new material. What does audience testing mean? How can you do it yourself?

“Totally practical ideas. Thanks Brad… it was fun to use and taught me techniques I can start using tomorrow!”
–Shawna Schuh, CSP, Professional Speaker

Please note that this web-delivered sample is a lower quality than the MP3 Downloads AND the CD…. both of which are delivered in High Fidelity and CD Quality.

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