How to Give a Speech So You Don’t Look Like an Idiot (Audio)

How To Give a Speech So You Don’t Look Like and Idiot

Presenting and Delivering Funny Speeches

Learn how to create and deliver a funny speech by tomorrow! (Heck, shut the door, get out your pen and you can have this done in one hour!)

Listen to two fully time corporate comedians and funny motivational speakers talk about how to create and deliver a funny speech. Brad Montgomery has performed his comedy and spoken to groups large and small in all 50 states and on four continents. He has a black belt in creating and delivering funny speeches. (Ok, so they don’t give out belts for that; you caught us. But you know what I mean; this guy knows his stuff!) And Bill Stainton, besides being one of the most sought-after corporate funny speakers around, has won 29 Emmys for his work in a sketch comedy show. Think you can learn how to get ready for that upcoming speech for your staff? You bet you can? Need to deliver something funny during your wedding toast? Are you a best man or Maid of Honor and are afraid of looking like an idiot? We know your pain… and this product will make it “all better.”

Learn how and why you need to develop a personal story. What it means to find the place “WHERE THINGS WENT WRONG” and why that technique is both easy and funny. And, in addition to several other tips from these pros, you’ll be given a formula for developing a very easy-to-create funny speech that will keep you feeling great, make an impact, and get the crowd laughing.

Sure, there are other products out there that will help you create a funny speech. But are the people selling them actually funny? Do they do it for a living? Are they good teachers.

Come on! Giving a funny speech just isn’t that hard, and in just one hour you’ll be ready to feel good, look good, and make people laugh.

The price for the audio is $14.97, and it comes with a free E-Book covering the most important points.