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If you’ve always wanted to hear about funny things that happen to comics both on and off stage, then this recording is for you. Ever wondered what comedians talk about when they tell each other stories from “the road?”

Want to hear a few disaster stories from two working comics? Want to hear hilarious anecdotes from early on in their careers? And some funny stories that have happened recently? Well lucky you, because this audio recording features a program recorded live before the National Speakers Association of Northern California where Brad and David candidly (and humorously) share stories from their comedy past.

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In Comedy War Stories You’ll Learn:
Some crazy things that happen to comics new in their career.
What happens when an experienced corporate comedian, who’s paid big bucks, fails to deliver. Do seasoned pros bomb? And what happens?
What is the craziest thing that happened to Brad during his career when he worked for college audiences? And what does that have to do with pizza?
What happened when David cranked Gloria Estefan?
Which comedian, Brad or David, is on the list as being a known racist? (Hint: It isn’t true. And it isn’t Brad. But is IS very funny.)
You’ll hear more energy than you can shake a stick at! This is a live recording, and it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime events that will never be repeated. The energy these good friends is terrific, and the audience was having a blast. We’re lucky we got it recorded, (and you’re lucky that it’s available to you today.
These are not excerpts from their polished stage performances. These stories are told off the cuff and with enough heart and humor to keep you laughing. Unrehearsed and unpretentious. Often Sometimes painful. And always true.So peek behind the curtain and learn what really happens in the sometimes not-so-glamorous world of show business. Get ready to laugh, because it’s Comedy War Stories with Comedians Brad Montgomery & David Glickman.
“Not only were the stories funny, but it was helpful for me to learn that even seasoned pros have so many stories of crazy thing gone wrong. Apparently I’m not alone. I’m getting a copy for my sister!” — Professional Speaker from NSA Northern California

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If you have 1/3rd as much fun listening to this recording as David and I had in making it it, you’re in for a fun ride. This recording gives a glimpse into the real world of comedy and entertainment. If you want to hear some crazy stuff, you’ll love this. Thanks so much.

Brad Montgomery

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