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$16.95 – Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter

A “How To” book about using humor and laughter as a tool. Chapters about Humor in the Workplace, Humor and the Phone, Humor and Friendship, Humor and Creativity… and more.

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$16.95 – Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter

The second in this series. Some people think this book is even better than the first. (Brad loves both!) Chapters in this book about Humor in the Workplace, Business, Marriage, Kids, Creativity, and even a very cool chapter about humor in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina… and much more.


$19.99 – Laugh-O-Nomics Live

Brad’s latest cd of his very popular Laugh-O-Nomics Keynote – LIVE! The science is clear: happy people perform better than their unhappy peers.  Learn the hows and whys of happiness as it relates to your life and your job.
You’ll learn some of the science behind happiness; but even better, you’ll learn
some surprisingly simple techniques to incorporate immediately at work and at
home that will make you — and your organization — happier.

$9.99 – Staying Inspired in a Sometimes Not So Inspiring World – Audio Instant Download

Two of America’s most prominent professional speakers, Motivational Humorists Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery share tips, tricks, ideas and techniques for staying motivated. You’ll learn fun & easy Humor Rituals that help you become more positive and productive, how serving others increases your motivation, and how being thankful helps you live a better life, and much more.?Want to know how motivational speakers stay motivated themselves? This audio is not from a live show; it is an authentic and real conversation between two funny guys who, like the rest of us, need to consistently search for ways to stay on top of their attitudes.

$9.99 – Ordinary Magic: How Cool is That? – Audio Instant Download

Keynote 75 Min. Brads’ hilarious keynote recorded LIVE!
Brad’s most requested keynote. Funny and fun. With a motivational – and funny! – message about enjoying our lives more. If you would like to hear what Brad sounds like before a huge audience, this is the CD for you. Listen to it on your way to work, driving the kids to soccer, or any time you need a lift. Brad reminds us to take ourselves less seriously — while still taking what we DO seriously. This is his main keynote…. here’s your chance to laugh and learn with one of the country’s top humorist motivational speakers.


$54.77 – Hooked On Humor | Audio Subscription Series | 28 Episodes

Ideas, tips, & techniques to put more humor in your career, your family, and your life. A regular series of audios that teach you how to use humor in life and at work.



$29.97 – Buy Both at a Special Price: Bundled Special! (Free Shipping!)

Buy both Humor Me and Humor Us for extra savings! – Both books for just $29.97! Includes Free shipping!

$34.97 – Buy All Three of Brad’s Books at a Special Price: Bundled Special! (Free Shipping!)

Buy Humor Me, Humor Us and Mission Possible for triple savings! – All Three Books books for just! Includes free shipping.

$147.00 – Humor Me Gift Givers’ 12 Pack

Give this uplifting, fun, and inspiring book to your friends, your staff, and your clients.

$147.00 – Humor Us Gift Givers’ 12 Pack

Give this uplifting, fun, and inspiring book to your friends, your staff, and your clients.

$64.97 – Big Bundle of Brad

Three Books, and three Audio Downloads.  Get it all! Brad’s two humor books, Humor Me and Humor Us. Brad’s Mission Possible. Brad’s live recording of his keynote, Ordinary Magic, the Staying Motivated audio download and a bonus audio download of his newest live presentation – Laugh-O-Nomics!  Comes in a shiny box in the mail. (Box included!) Save $37! Bonus: (Free Shipping!)

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