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$37.97 – So You Want To Be a Motivational Speaker?

How to Be Motivational Speaker … From A to Z. I have THE best job in the world. I travel the world making folks feel better by giving them specific tools to achieve more and live well. I have received perhaps hundreds of calls asking me how I got started, how they can get started, what tips I have, what short cuts I’d recommend, etc. I finally got smart and put all of my best answers down in one Audio CD.

$37.77 – Got Mirth?

Milking Your Presentations for all the Humor it’s Worth!
70+ minutes. Mp3 instant download. Learn from a pro how to add humor to your presentations. Hilarious and helpful.

$147.00 – Humor College: Your Fast Track to Laughs

Looking for the short cut to humor success? Twenty year comedy veteran Brad Montgomery grills some of the top speakers and comedians in the land to get their secrets about being funny, using humor, relating funny anecdotes, and more. He holds their feet to the fire as he grills them for their best pet techniques, secrets and tips. If you ready for the serious business of the funny business, this program is for you. Seven Audio CDs plus 7 full transcriptions…. print them out, curl up by the fire with your highlighter!

$14.97 – How to Give a Speech Without Looking Like an Idiot

Creating and Presenting Funny Speeches Audio. A down-and-dirty audio recording for people who need some ideas about adding humor to their speech, toast, or other program fast!? Great for corporate executives. Awesome for Best Men and Maids of Honor looking for that last minute wedding toast. Brad interviews a top expert in the field and together they outline a simple formula that will get you up and running quickly and easily. And looking like a pro! Includes a free e-Book. Includes a formula for creating a simple speech in less than one hour! Learn from two total pros about how to create a great speech fast (and funny!) MP3 Instant Download + e-book!

$12.97 – How To Generate Big Laughs with Audience Members Without Embarrassing Them — Or You.

Teleseminar from SpeakerNetNews and Rebecca Morgan. You’ll Learn:

  • How to use interview skills to improve the connection between you and your audience and to maximize laughter. (Ask questions — get laughs.)
  • Five questions to ask your audience that lead to laughs.
  • Tips for treating volunteers with class and charm — and humor.
  • How far can (and should) you go to push the envelope?
  • What to do when your audience-involvement humor fails.
  • How to be witty, creative and impromptu, even when you aren’t.

$57.97 – Humor (& Comedy) Technique Digital Bundle

Five Mp3 Audios. All of Brad’s Digital, Instant-Downloadable audio MP3 Programs concerning adding humor to your programs, creating & funny speeches, and Generating Laughs. Hours of learning for people interested in being SERIOUSLY funny. Ready to take your presentation to the next step? Here’s your starting point.
Buy the Bundle and Valued at over $90. Instant Download.

$19.77 – Comedy War Stories (With Comedians Brad Montgomery & David Glickman.)

Recorded LIVE before a group of professional speakers in California, two comedians share true and crazy stories about the crazy things that have happened to them on their up the comedians’ career ladder. This is not “material” from their stage shows; these are true stories — about what happens behind the curtain. Want to know what it takes to make it? Listen to these amazing true stories. (Approx 60 min.)

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Most Popular Items | Toys & Gags