TEXAS SPEAKER Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery

Texas Motivational Speaker

texas motivational speakerNeed a funny motivational speaker for your Texas Conference? Just Book Brad. He’s a proven speaker who has worked all around the state, and will absolutely rock your audience.

“Brad’s speech was everything we could have asked for and more. His blend of straight forward comedy with a valuable and useful message was second to none.”

– Texas Education Agency

IBM Austin, TX
Dozens of School Districts from Amarillo to Austin to San Antonio To Johnson City to…University of Texas — Austin
University of Texas — Tyler
University of Texas — San Antoniotexas longhorn
University of Texas — Pan Am
University of Texas — El Paso
Trinity University – San Antonio
Houston Speakers Association (Twice!)
Heart of Texas Speakers Association
Texas Education Agency San Antonio

“Awesome Brad… we’ll have you back”
– First American Title (Booked Brad back to Texas four times in one year… and counting.)

First American Title —Houston
First American Title— Austin
First American Title — San AntonioAMOCO
Dallas Building Managers Association
Deer Creek Elementary School — Teachers In-Service
Amoco Employees Credit Union  — Houston

Texas’ Premier Motivational Speaker

Brad has earned his CSP…Certified Speaking Professional, the National Speakers Association’s highest earned award. (Fewer than 7% of all speakers world wide have earned this designation.)

Does it cost more to Book Brad to speak to your Texas Conference?

Nope. With travel the way it is now, Texas is one of the easiest states (and oddly, cheapest states) for Brad to work in and travel to. He always books a “back-up flight” (which means that you’ll never have to worry about Brad being there. Brad has worked across the country and over seas and has NEVER missed a date due to travel.

And of course because Texas is a tourist destination, the rates and fares could not be lower. Time and time again it is more expensive for Brad to travel to states much closer than Texas and pay more than three times as much for travel. Need a Texas Motivational Speaker? … Just Book Brad.

Ask us if your program qualifies you for a Texas discount. Not all programs do, but… who knows? And, as Brad’s Granny says, “The answer is ALWAYS ‘no’ if you don’t ask!”

trinityBrad has roots in Texas.

He went to college San Antonio (before transferring to Brown University in in well…not Texas.) He loves that town — and has a deep love of Taco Cabana. (Silly but true.)

Brad often will try to bring his family to work with him in Texas… ’cause it’s fun! (Especially when Brad is working in one of the Texas resorts. Who wants to bring the kids to Boise when you can do the Hill Country outside of Austin!?) Of course Brad never charges his clients for his family. If Brad is able to work some family time around your conference discounts might apply, but more often than not clients can “trade” a part of Brad’s fee for extra nights in the hotel resort, etc. This money-saving technique doesn’t always work, but for many clients it has been a great deal.

Why Does Brad Present His Keynote So Frequently in Texas?

Because Y’all talk! In other words, it’s word-of-mouth. You Texans are great at sharing what’s great — or not so great — about a funny motivational speaker such as Brad.  This means that when he speaks for one Texas client, that tends to lead to two more clients in places like Dallas or Houston — or the more rural areas. As Brad says, “Work leads to work,” and since he speaks (and has spoken) so frequently in the Lone Star State he just ends up there way more than you’d expect. And he loves it.

Looking for a laugh-out-loud-funny Texas Motivational Speaker? Contact me here.


Brad Teaching Speakers in Houston

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Texas Speaker Brad Montgomery has worked in all 50 states and on four continents, but has spent a GREAT deal of time in the Nation of Texas.

He went to college at Trinity University in San Antonio, and for whatever lucky reason ends up working in Texas many times per year.

Brad is a funny motivational speaker for all audiences.  But he has a couple of niches.  He’s a health care speaker, an insurance speaker, and is even a very funny magician.

Give us a call and we’ll talk about ramping up your event to where you want it to be.  This is going to be a blast!