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Motivational Speaker Florida

Need a funny motivational speaker for your Florida Conference? Just Book Brad!Top Florida Speaker

One of the premier motivational speakers in Florida

Brad is one of the tiny handful of Florida motivational speakers who has earned the highest earned award from the National Speakers Association – the Certified Speaking Professional. He’s worked in 47 states and on four continents… including Florida.

So if you are looking for a Florida motivational or humorist speaker with national credits and clients … Just Book Brad.

“… So darned funny! You are one awesome speaker!”
– NSA Florida Speakers Association (Tallahassee)

University of Central Florida, Orlando
Professional Research Corporation
Department of Revenue/ State of Florida
Manatee County Tax Collectors….Manatee County, Florida
HMP, Florida
Bearing Point
National Speakers Association. Tallahassee Chapter

“Excellent Job! Hilarious & Funny Speaker!”
Florida State Government

Where does this Florida speaker work?

Brad speaks and performs across Florida and across the country. But he is frequently found presenting in resorts and conference centers in Orlando, (He is speaking in the Disney Resorts more than you can imagine), Amelia Island, Jacksonville, Ponta Vedra Beach, Miami, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and the Keys. (He has been to Key West several times.)

Does it cost more to Book Brad to speak to your Florida Conference?

Nope. With travel the way it is now, Florida is one of the easiest states (and oddly, cheapest states) for Brad to work in and travel to. He always books a “back-up flight” (which means that you’ll never have to worry about Brad being there. Brad has worked across the country and over seas and has NEVER missed a date due to travel.

And of course because Florida is a tourist destination, the rates and fares could not be lower. Time and time again it is more expensive for Brad to travel to states much closer than Florida and pay more than three times as much for travel. Need a Florida Motivational Speaker? … Just Book Brad.

Ask us if your program qualifies you for a Florida discount. Not all programs do, but… who knows? And, as Brad’s Granny says, “The answer is ALWAYS ‘no’ if you don’t ask!”

Brad often will try to bring his family to work with him in Florida… ’cause it’s fun! (Especially when Brad is working in one of the Florida resorts. Who wants to bring the kids to Boise when you can do Orlando!?) Of course Brad never charges his clients for his family. If Brad is able to work some family time around your conference discounts might apply, but more often than not clients can “trade” a part of Brad’s fee for extra nights in the hotel resort, etc. This money-saving technique doesn’t always work, but for many clients it has been a great deal.


Read about Brad surprised Orlando when he was a speaker in Florida.  You won’t believe this video.

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