I just got to speak to the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

What a blast… you folks flattered me by having me present my GOT MIRTH: MILKING YOUR PRESENTATION FOR ALL THE HUMOR IT IS WORTH program which teaches humor and comedy techniques.

I had a really great time;  thanks guys.
Here is the handout I promised. (Click here.)

I have a favor for those of you who were there at the program in San Francisco: Could you leave me a comment? What was the one (or two) things that made you say, “Ah Ha!” What did you take away from the program that was most helpful?

Thanks again… it was a blast being in California with you.


Brad Montgomery

Speaker, Teacher, and Sometime California Professional Speaker.

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  1. Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
    Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC says:

    Hi Brad:

    While I wasn’t able to make your NSA/NC presentation, I’ve heard you were a smash hit. No surprise there — every time I’ve seen you speak, you have us rolling in the aisles. I love the way you involve your audience.

    Thanks for coming to the chapter and showing them a great pro in action.

    Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
    National NSA Board of Directors member
    Co-Publisher, SpeakerNet News,

  2. Ellen Taliaferro
    Ellen Taliaferro says:

    Hi, Brad: I could not be there but heard you and met you at the humor lab last year. I know you must have been a big hit! Thanks for coming to CA.

  3. Cindy Ventrice
    Cindy Ventrice says:

    Hi Brad: I love a speaker who wants to know what I learned! I liked the idea of planting staged questions with the audience. Humor and participation all in one. What more could we ask? Also, you talked about humor that fails to get a laugh still creates a little white space, a break, or as you so eloquently put it, Ffffffft!

    I also attended the Super Session and had the opportunity to have you spice up a few minutes of my presentation with lots of humor. You had me laughing with your ideas for my material. Thanks so much!

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