Usually in the blog I talk about some of the cool things that make me laugh and things that bring humor to others.

Today it’s my turn to admit that I’m a bit freaked out.

Months ago, a school district in Utah booked me to be a motivational speaker for their school. No super big deal, I love doing that thing; I love working with educational groups.

But things took a wicked turn; I’m going to the community where the horrible mining tragedy took place; a place where they’ve recently lost some of their miners, and fear losing quite a few more. It is a place going through profound loss. Yet they hired me (way before the news) to come fire up their staff, and make them laugh.

Oye. What to do!?

I’ve contacted many of my peers from the National Speakers Association asking for advice and happily we’re getting some great advice.

But the truth is that, just 2 days away from my presentation, I’m not sure what i’m gonna do yet.

It’s a difficult thing for a presenter: this group is reeling from recent (and still unfolding) horrible news, and yet my job is to remind them of the ‘fun’ in life.

Certainly there is joy and healing power in laughter and humor. And I know that we’ll be treading that way, but how far we can go is still up in the air.

I’ll let you know after the Utah event. For now I’m sad, thoughtful, and so very eager to make a positive difference.


Brad Montgomery
Utah Motivational Speaker, Educational Speaker, Worried Speaker

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