renaissance-hotelOn a recent trip to St. Louis were I spoke to the Air Force, my client came up with a brilliant idea. It was so good I’d love to claim credit, but he reads my blog and he’d rat me out.

[See video from the hotel job here.]

My speakers fees were greater than the budget for this particular military event. What to do? My client got creative, thought outside of the Budget Box and teamed up with his host hotel. He had hundreds of Airmen staying at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. Between the meeting rooms, the hotel rooms, and all of the related expenses (room service, restaurant and coffee shop purchases, etc) he was a BIG client for the hotel.

He suggested to his hotel client that they partner with him, and have me speak to the hotel staff on the same day that I spoke to his military group. I was speaking to the Air Force after lunch. My meeting planner knew that I’d fly into Missouri the night before… and would be free in the morning.

So he suggested that I speak to the hotel staff in the morning, and then work for him after lunch.

Bottom line: it worked perfectly. The hotel had an All-Manager meeting. Theyhotel logo brought in all of the top folks from all of their departments from the Starbucks kiosk in the lobby to housekeeping to front desk to maintenance to the kitchens.

I worked ahead of time with some of their people so that, (as I do with all my clients,) I could come in prepared to speak to THIS particular audience.

[It was a special event; the hotel industry has been hammered, and this hotel, like so many others, recently went though some deep layoffs. The staff was in shock, scared, and nervous. The CEO gave them a sort of “State of the Business” speech which was both totally cool, and a bit scary. The news wasn’t great. And then I was tasked with putting that bad news back into perspective and help them figure a way to work their morale (and fun quotient) back up to healthy and productive levels.]

The hotel was thrilled because they got access to a speaker they might not otherwise be able to afford. And they felt that helping such a huge client was good for them as well. And the Air Force was thrilled because they were able to get the speaker —that’s me! — they wanted and meet still meet their budget.

And I was thrilled because I got to work with two awesome groups, enjoy St. Louis, and work with with a fun and creative meeting planner who had an awesome idea.

What’s my point? Are you short of money? Looking to hire a Top Shelf speaker but are suffering with a reduced budget? Consider partnering with your hotel. If the Air Force was smart enough to figure it out, the rest of us ought to be smart enough to “borrow” their concept.

(Hey Bruce… I know you’re reading this. Thanks for the killer idea, and for making it happen.)

Are you looking for a motivational speaker? Go to the contact page now! (And we can talk about partnering with your hotel if you like.)

Brad Montgomery
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4 replies
  1. Gregg Tobo
    Gregg Tobo says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I love meeting planners that won’t settle for 2nd best. I keep a notebook of creative negotiations in which everyone wins; it helps keep me limber when it comes time to make a deal.

  2. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    Thanks Gregg. This was a cool deal. Both the meeting planners for the hotel and the Air Force were UBER cool and creative. They were good role models for us and the rest of the industry.


  3. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Thanks for the credit Brad, in realiity it was your motivation, from our first contact I could tell you were a class act and knew you would hit a homerun for our group. It was a pleasure and I felt energized after each phone call or e-mail. There is always a way to get it done when both parties want to make it happen. Bruce

  4. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    Bruce…. Nope, I think this was your idea though I’d love to take credit. Either way I’m thrilled it worked out. I write up the blog about your pranking me soon… promise! — Brad

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