Small Business RadioI was recently the guest of the Small Business Advisory radio network:  SBA Radio.  Very cool.  They wanted to learn about my Laugh-O-Nomics theory and how I — as a motivational speaker — connect humor, levity and lightheartedness to bottom line results.

I love being on the radio… it’s harder than it looks.  But it went well and I had a blast.  If you’re interested, you can hear what I did here.

Thanks SBA Radio!

Brad Montgomery
Small Business Radio Guest, Funny Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Groupie

PS. In something totally unrelated, I updated my main page about my magician & comedian offerings. Check it!  Or, interested in my corporate game show?  Got it updated too!

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  1. James
    James says:

    Sounds great, I’ll go check out how you did on the radio now!

    That corporate game show sounds like a great idea, too. Keep us updated!

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