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Peggy O’Niell is a terrific professional speaker with a black belt in attitude. A little person, (Peggy is 3.5 feet tall) Peggy calls herself “The Tiny Speaker with the Huge Message.”

Peggy has a gift for making others feel great about being around her. When “average size” people greet Peggy, she has a gift for making them feel comfortable about her, comfortable about themselves, and is instantly able to get the conversation going.

Part of her success in her ability to keep and maintain a positive attitude. She tells us that sometimes her life and differently-sized body has made it hard for her to keep a positive attitude.

But it is through the Power of Choice that she is able to keep her head held high. Peggy feels that the victim often needs to make a choice not to let a situation get the best of them. And that often we choose to be content (or not.)

Learn more about Peggy O’Niell here.

Learn about my work as a motivational humorist here.

Brad Montgomery
Keynote Humorist Speaker, Humor Consultant, Fan of Peggy O’Niell

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