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As a funny motivational speaker for teachers, school districts and educators I get to work with a lot of different school districts. But my recent experience in Holdredge Nebraska was an absolute joy.

In this clip you’ll hear my client offer a very kind and very complementary testimonial. Kate was really happy both with the upbeat and fun tone of the meeting, coupled with a meaningful message to help her educators maintain a high level of awesomeness.

Educators are overwhelmed right now. If you’ve been reading the news you know that they are having trouble recruiting and retaining teachers, retirement is becoming more frequent, and many people who want to consider teaching or skipping it for an easier job. When you combine contention over curriculum, mask mandates, and just the plain difficulty of teaching during Covid you end up with a profession that is way more difficult then we would ever want it to be.

But in my experience it’s a hard core teachers understand how important they are and really do not want to find a job outside of the education industry. They are good at being educators and are looking 

at ways to maintain their own mental and physical health in order to keep doing this difficult job.

I can help. I know if I told you I had the Silver bullet answer do the teaching profession’s problems you would know I’m full of it. You would never believe me. But what I can honestly tell you is I have some ideas, ID is backed in science, that can help all of us improve our resilience, our attitudes, and by extension or mental and physical health. My big ideas can improve our scientifically measurable level of happiness.

One of the keys of my approach with educators and teachers is to help the staffs of school districts reconnect with their meaning and purpose. We know that if people understand how significant they are contributing to a greater good the better they perform, the happier they are, and the healthier they are.  

I hate the word motivational speaker. To be honest I’m not even sure what that means… Even though I am one. I’m not very confident that an individual can motivate another individual. But I am absolutely positive that by removing some obstacles we all have in motivating ourselves we can make a big change in human behavior.

I’m an expert in social and emotional support and how it drives performance, job satisfaction, and the quality of our work. And when we remind a room full of educators and teachers that so their jobs are very difficult, they are working in a profession that makes a massive difference for their communities it starts to offset some of the extreme difficulties teachers have been facing recently.   No, it’s not a magic wand that makes everything better. But it’s a proven idea that helps.

Another key component with my work as a motivational speaker for educators is that I understand the importance of making my presentation fun. Not a little bit mildly amusing. I’m talking full out fun and funny.  Energizing fun.  Meaningful fun.  

Thanks Holdredge!   It was a total pleasure!!!

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