What are you doing today to create fun and joy in your life. I speak to groups as a motivational speakerall across the country about how happiness at work is directly related to a better work product. And I talk a lot about fun. But in this short video I talk about DOING stuff that is fun and why that’s important.

Check out this short video:

My point? My point is that the best attitude in the world is not enough. We have to actually DO something to create joy for ourselves. For you this might mean anything from walking your dog to playing a practical joke at work or sports or collecting stamps. Whatever. My point is that you need to actually do something. Go somewhere. Get physically involved.

Your life at work is never going to be great until you have a great life at home. (Yup, all that “work-life balance” stuff actually works.) motivational speakers ski for a reason

So get out there, find some passion and follow it. One of my passions just happens to be skiing. If that works for you, great! If not, no biggie. Just find something and….. DO IT!

So… I dare you. Comment. What ARE you going to do today to make your life better? Do you agree that happiness at home leads to a better quality of work life too? Leave a comment.


Brad Montgomery
One of Colorado’s Motivational Speakers, Skiers, Crappy Film-maker.

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  1. Jacqueline Johns Your Happy Life Mentor
    Jacqueline Johns Your Happy Life Mentor says:

    Hey Brad! Pleased to meet you.
    Love your message which is aligned with mine re making yourself feel good. Why do people think this is sinful and selfish? Don’t they realize they are the ONLY ones living in their body, and therefore it is their responsibility to keep themselves happy?
    As a life mentor, I’m often amazed by clients who, when asked to find something they’re passionate about, comment “but I don’t know whether I’d be good at it”!! It’s about participation and feeling good – not the macrame (or whatever) Olympics! Why, Brad, is the world caught up in looking good, rather than feeling good? Don’t answer that, I already know!

    Live Life Happy!

  2. Daryl Jones
    Daryl Jones says:

    Dear Brad,

    I really needed this. I have not been very happy these few weeks. I can’t find any motivation. I say a psy on Monday and the message she conveyed to me is exactly what you’ve laid down. I never realised that it was up to me to brighten my life. Thanks.

    Daryl J

  3. Marchello Johnson
    Marchello Johnson says:

    Hey There Brad!

    I was just at the ILASFAA Conference in Schaumburg, and I must say you with the highlight of the conference for me. Brad, I have been in all facets of the University setting for about 10 years now. I started in housing and student development/orientation, moved on to international studies, then to admissions, and now financial aid, where I have been for about 3 years. I have always known that I would be in the “helping” field. But you help me remember why I went into this field in the beginning. Actually you helped me to fall in love with my career all over again. So Brad Thanks! With all that said I am not sure if you remember me, but I am the guy in your program, that “didn’t know how to clap”. LOL Great program. Just chosing to be happy can not only make me feel great but also others around me. For example, I went through thr Mcdonalds drive thru the other day, and I as I finished ordering, the young lady said “Does that complete your order?”, I replied, “Yes, and by the way this is To Go.” The young lady was smiling when I drove up. That not only made her feel great, but me as well. Thanks again Brad. I look forward to hearing back from you. Oh yeah, did I make the top 20? You said you had something for the first 20 people that logged on and sent you a blog.

  4. Holly K. Rauser
    Holly K. Rauser says:

    Hey Brad!

    What do I do to make myself happy??? I check out your blog and bingo, you did it again! I have to say I am ssssssooooooo happy to see you wearing a helmet. I don’t need to see you on the 6 O’clock News unless you are telling a funny one!

    Speaker Dittos,

    Holly K. Rauser

  5. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    Thanks for the nice comment Holly. Yup, helmets make sense to me too. I asked my Dad (who bought a ski helmet before I did) why he wears a helmet.

    (My family grew up skiing…. no helmets in sight.)

    He had a great answer: “I can’t think of any good reasons why NOT to wear one.” Sounded smart to me. Thanks Holly….. Cheers!

    Brad Montgomery

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