I just got a great note from a wonderful ski school instructor. We had the great luck to have this woman teach our three kids this winter, an she sent this funny story of humor at work on the slope and with the instructors.

I heard a very funny story at an instructor meeting the other day. After several hot chocolate spills one very cold day, an instructor jokingly told his class that parents are charged $25 for each spill, then went off to get his class snacks. While he was gone, you guessed it, another spill. But it was all mopped up when he got back by the mess maker who used the inside of his own ski parka so mom and dad wouldn’t have to pay.

What a great story. My point? Eh…. for today isn’t is just enough to laugh?

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Corporate Comedian, Skier, Fan of Anna The Banana

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