Ok, so I admit that as funny as these beards are, they sorta creep me out. Can you imagine eating spaghetti with this guy? (Can you say, “Dude… there’s a meatball on your cheek.”)

German Beard Championships
Creative beard : Elmar Weiss with his windmill beard competes in the International German Beard Championships in Hesel, northern Germany.

But on the other hand, I LOVE the fact they this guy (and the rest of his pals from the FOX TV “WHEN Facial Hair Goes Wrong” show) has found something that makes him laugh. I’m guessing that when this guy smiles for the little kid in Dennys (Hey! He’s gotta eat somewhere!) he is in a genuine good mood. I’m guessing that his attitude is pretty darned postitive.

beard on speaker

It has to be, doesn’t it? Is there any way YOU could be freaked out about your over-flowing email in-box, or the long to-do list in your cubicle if you had one of these beards? (Yes, if your name is “Sarah,” “Lisa,” or “Bev”… but I’m pretty sure you get the point.)

As for me, I smile when I shave. :)

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert, Closely Shaven Dude

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