Years ago I did school assembly program called the Magic of Books. It’s a motivational literacy program —

I use magic and comedy to demonstrate the cool things you can learn through reading.

I did at least 800 shows, and over 200 schools — nearly all of them in my home state of Colorado. Recently, I donated the program to my kid’s school. It was a hoot to have 2 of my kids in the audience, one of whom got up and did a magic trick on her own.  (My other kid was a “star” in a trick I did.)  To be honest, I thought this was the end of the story.

school assembly

Check out this video we did at one of the schools here in Colorado:

But then in a fluke, a school from a nearby district called and asked me to do it.  “Yes!” I said before thinking.  (The assemblies are fun, but to be brutally honest, my corporate groups pay better.  Hey!  Kids need new shoes!)  Then I noticed that I had a spring in my step the whole day;  I was THRILLED to have booked the show because I love doing it.  Love it.

Guess what?  I’m back!  No, I’m not a school assembly guy.  But I am a motivational speaker for teachers who occasionally likes doing school assemblies. Because I love them.

school assembly audienceI guess I could do it as an add-on to one of my corporate road trips.  But I’m assuming I’ll mostly do them here in Colorado in between speaking jobs.

Ok clients…don’t sweat it. I’m not a kids performer. But yeah, I love doing it and I’m gonna do maybe one school assembly per month.

Hey Colorado Schools?  Are you looking for a fun school assembly? Offered by a guy who does it because of his passion?  Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Occasional School Assembly Guy, Lover of School Assemblies, Believer in the Magic of Books

See the School Assembly program on Youtube.
More info on this School Assembly

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2 replies
  1. Diane Swagger
    Diane Swagger says:

    Dear All, Today was a unique and wonderful day! It didn’t matter that it was rainy, cloudy, and cool outside. It didn’t matter that I got up “much” earlier than I normally would on a Saturday morning. Brad Montgomery made this day “sing” for me! He made me laugh harder than I have laughed in such a long time, and he gave me hope for more laughter and more great choices for my future. My name is Diane, and I am a nurse by background and the CEO of a community hospital in Canon City, CO. Today we hosted a Diabetes Syposium. What is there to laugh about in that, you might ask? Before today, I would have probably said, definitely “not much”. But today was inspiring and encouraging, because we were able to hear from a very inspirational and humorous gentleman by the name of Brad Montgomery! He helped all of us to see that, though we may have experienced many difficulties in our lives; (we all have them, and they’re not all the same); we can still be grateful for life in itself, and we can make the choice to “pick happy”!

    I won’t “spoil” the “rest of the story”. You MUST hear him for yourself. Whether you are a leader of a large or small organization, if you are seeking a more caring and productive staff; if you desire to bring more fulfillment, reward, and recognition to your people; if you just need to remember that there are so many things in life to be thankful for – Brad is the speaker for you!! The investment we put into our community and our personal lives today will bring long lasting, joy and encouragement to everyone within the sound of his voice this morning! I believe he helped change my life today, and make me a better leader for the future! Thank you, Brad. For your sincerity, your compassion, and your willingness to share a message that is heard far to little in this day and age.

    I “pick happy”. Thank you!!

  2. Jennifer Kemp
    Jennifer Kemp says:

    I, too, was a part of the diabetes symposium today in Canon City, and I, too, laughed harder than I have in a long time. I also was deeply touched at moments. Brad delivered more than I anticipated: he delivered a message that we all too often need reminding about. No matter what choices have been taken away from you, you can still choose your attitude. It’s far too easy to fall into despair, especially when dealing with a chronic illness. But if a 10-year-old can be happy about her insulin pump because it is EXACTLY her favorite color (how cool is that??), then I can certainly find the bright side of lesser tribulations.

    Thanks again, Brad, for making the journey for us! You made my day, and spread a little sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

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