If you don’t understand any of this post, don’t worry, it won’t affect you. If you do understand… consider it a fair warning. :)


We’ve had some trouble with the (still new) podcast and iTunes. With the help of my friend and fellow professional speaker, Michael Santarcangelo, we think we have it fixed. (Thanks Michael!)

Besides being an computer security expert, Michael is runs an excellent blog and podcast. And he is generous to his friends.

Now, the warning. If you subscribed to this blog w/ my feedburner URL, get ready because that feed might soon give you some “errors.” No sweat, just -resubscribe with the better URL:

Most of you won’t be affected at all. In that case, here’s a knock knock joke:

(I’m kidding… I hate knock knock jokes, and will only put up with them if the joke-teller is younger than ten.

Thanks again.

Brad Montgomery, Blogger, Podcaster, Techie Newbie

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