You Be the Judge:  Which Marshmallow is “Perfectly Roasted?”

Ok, so my family went camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains — and had an epic marshmallow-roasting-contest.  My kids thought they roasted the perfect marshmallow.  But I thought I had it nailed.  “Dad!  Put photos on your speaker blog!”   So here they are.

Will you help us judge the contest?  Who do YOU think won?

Cast your votes below!  Which Marshmallow is perfect?  Leave your choice (and the reason you voted for it) below.

Roasted marshmallows

Let the voting begin!  Which one is the winner?

(No, this has nothing to do with being a happiness motivational speaker. But darn, it’s pretty fun.  And you can solve a family fight.  So vote now and pick the winner.

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22 responses to “Save My Family; End Our Fight! | Pick your favorite marshmallow”

  1. Renee says:

    I’m going with #1 – just the right amount of toasting. #2 and #3 have too little toasting. #4 has too much.

  2. Renee says:

    ooops – correction….#2 and 4 have too little. And #3 too much!

  3. Debbie says:

    Gotta be #1. Perfect. Whose was that?

  4. Cheri says:

    #1 because it does not sag like my boobs

  5. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised which one is mine.

  6. Denise Rosenbaugh says:

    Going with No. 1 – for sure!!

  7. #1, definitely, but depending on my mood, I might opt for #3. I like crunchy, but burnt stuff just ain’t good for you. :-(

  8. Lyle Lamb says:

    #1 for sure. Perfect toasting. Not blackened, just lightly browned.

  9. Burnt stuff rules! Yummy.

  10. Beth says:

    Absolutely #1. The brown is distinct yet subtle. I think burning a marshmallow is an unfortunate consequence of not taking enough care to keep it away from the flame. Not browning it means that the marshmallow is not yet cooked. Would you eat a turkey that was not browned? Would you eat a turkey that was all charred and black? I think not!

  11. Gary King says:

    #1 has my vote…great form and just the right amount of golden browning!

  12. Tom says:

    They are all noble efforts. Personally, any roasted marshmallow is better than the original “poofy,” soft, powdery product. Roasting is the only way to go–high fives to all your family for a fun outing.

    My vote is for number 3! Why? Because it’s perfect and the way I love to eat mine. Numbers two and four are just starting out. Number one is nearly there; it’s got nice browning taking place, but I doubt it had the nice crisp outer crunch all the way around.

    Some may say it’s burnt. It’s not! Think of a roasted red pepper. In order to have the yummy roasted flavor, you have to literally burn the skin black all around. That’s removed and you’re left with a wonderful roasted pepper.

    I roast my marshmallows just like number three. Think I quickly and gently flick the black with my finger. It flies off and I’m left with a crispy, wonderfully toasted marshmallow, with a soft, gooey center!

    Number three is perfect in my humble opinion!

  13. Trish says:

    #1 is definitely the best. It is perfectly done.

  14. Ed Smith says:

    #1. Yo. Undisputed.

  15. Kirsten says:

    I go for #2, warm and melty but not burned or too crunchy.

  16. Silvestre Vidal says:

    I like to Eat the #1 – Because is perfect. #2 and # 4 is melted and. #3 I believe that burned

  17. Troy says:

    Definitely #3. While #1 is indeed impressive, it is about to fall off the stick, which detracts at least 15 points. Plus I like my marshmallows like I like my turkey….charred and black….sorry Beth :-)

  18. marina says:

    hi Brad! I’m undecided between 1 and 4….bur perhaps 4 is better!

  19. Lynn says:

    I like #1 it is coocked to perefection! Just the way i would cook it.

  20. Rae Patterson says:

    While number one is beautiful, number three is my personal favorite, and one that I believe kids delight in … So my vote goes to #3 !!!

  21. Ken Lake says:

    I think that it is a trick, marshmallow #1 & #4 could be the same marshmallow just different sides. Also #2 & #3 could be the same marshmallow but after the first layer of mallow or is it marxh has been removed.

    My pick from just the photos is for #1

  22. WHat a crack up! You you guys have strong feelings about this! Fun!

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