First Tip to Choosing a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER

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Choose a Motivational Speaker is HARD

Choosing a motivational speaker is sometimes an overwhelming problem. One of the many problems is that anybody with a website can SAY they are a motivational speaker. So…. How can you make sure you’re hiring the right keynote presenter? Will your speaker fit well with your conference or event theme?

There are many factors to choosing a motivational speaker. You want a speaker that can relate to your audience, has a topic applicable to your groups, and many more things. Of course this can be a stressful selection process. When finding the right motivational speaker, you are going to want to check out their background. You will want to make sure they have experience.

Are you choosing a motivational speaker with experience?

It’s important to find a motivational keynote speaker with experience. The more stage time they have the better practiced they will be. You want a confident speaker that can read the audience and know how to increase engagement.

Enter Brad Montgomery. Brad is one of the nations’s top motivational speakers. (He was inducted into the CPAE Speaker’s Hall of Fame in 2014.) Brad has over 30 years of experience, speaking in all 50 states, and 4 continents.

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