Choose the Best Motivational Speaker (Tip #3)


When you are trying select the best motivational speaker, how do you choose? Business speaker Brad Montgomery has one of his top tips for selecting the best speaker: look closely at the preview video. Brad suggests you look for:

• A personal connection between your speaker and your audience.
• A speaker who customizes his speech.

Anybody gan give a speech, but it takes a total pro to make a connection that can make a connection. This connection is important because without that connection your investment is wasted. If your people don’t feel that your speaker is connecting to them, speaking to them, and relevant to them they won’t listen no matter what he message is. If your audience doesn’t believe your spacer, it doesn’t matter what he says.

What else should you consider when you pick your motivational speaker?

Watch the video to see if the speaker will customize his speech for your people, their needs, their joys, their fears, etc. If a speaker doesn’t customize a motivational presentation your audience knows (or at least feels like) they are watching a canned program.  And let’s face it, audiences are too sophisticated to accept an old-style motivational speaker. Your people want to know that your speaker is talking to them…not just presenting the same thing over and over again. They want somebody who delivers a relevant message just for them.

Brad Montgomery does all of this and more. He is well known for making a very strong and authentic connection to his audiences. Business audiences respond to him because he connects with them. And a huge portion of this connection is his ability to customize his keynote speeches.

Looking for a business speaker who can make a difference? Make sure your speaker can make a connection.

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Brad Montgomery was inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame.

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