Choose the Right Motivational Speaker (Tip #2)

Just a keynote? Or more?

If you’re trying to pick the right speaker for your meeting or convention, you are likely overwhelmed with the choices. Which motivational speaker is for you? How do you know?

In this tip from business speaker Brad Montgomery, he discusses the advantage of picking a speaker who can do more than just the keynote speech. What else … Besides the keynote …c an your speaker do for your o add value to your meeting, convention, and for your attendees? Are there services or presentation he or she can do that will help you? Perhaps emcee the event? Or do an extra breakout or concurrent session? How about teaching networking skills?

More then half of Brad’s clients hire him to be a motivational speaker, and then have him do more: a session on leadership, communication, teamwork etc. Maybe even just a high-energy break from your high-content presentations? He’s got those too.

Interested in getting the most ROI from motivational speakers? Interested in creating the most value for your attendees?

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Brad Montgomery is a business speaker and member of the NSA CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame who happens to have some strong feelings about motivation, happiness, and awesomeness.  (It’s complicated.) give us a buzz to find out more info about booking this funny man to energize your people and your organization.

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