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My clients frequently ask me what I read and recommend. Here are a few of my favorite books. And a couple of videos too.

Some of my favorite books about the rest of life

The Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games series
I’m not sure these are great literature, but I loved them both because I read them with my kids.  I read ALL 7 of the Harry Potter books out loud.  And my entire family read the hunger games within two weeks of each other.  So both of them were like Family Book Club for us.  It was a blast.

Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson
by Mitch Albom

One of my favorite books. About living life fully and robustly. It was hard to put down… and it made me feel good.

by Michael Lewis

What can I say?  I like baseball.  And I like business.  And this book read like a novel.

Tender Bar: A Memoir
by J. R. Moehringer

I was so sad when I finished this book.  It was recommended to me by a client… Smart client!

by Bill Cosby
I grew up listening to Bill Cosby albums with my brother and sister. These days, Bill Cosby is such an established showbiz presence that it’s easy to forget what a deeply influential figure he was in the ’60s, when he released a wildly successful series of standup comedy LPs. This is one of my favorites.

Let’s Get Small
by Steve Martin
Martin’s got the audience in the palm of his hand on this mid-’70s recording of a show at The Boarding House in San Francisco. The comedian and his crowd are on the same wavelength; everyone in the room seems to share a California post-hippie sense of absurdism. Occasionally punctuated by banjo playing, Martin’s almost cocky performance somehow manages to ramble with a sense of purpose. He certainly doesn’t have to worry about losing the crowd; every tossed-off remark and gesture is readily gobbled up.

Some of my favorite books on magic

The Amateur Magicians Handbook
by Henry Hay
My absolute favorite magic book. This was the first book on conjuring I ever read. A lavishly illustrated new edition of the classic handbook for conjurers is designed to help magicians of all levels, from beginning to advanced, hone their skills at legerdemain and develop new and exciting illusions to baffle the mind.

The Magic Show
by Mark Setteducati, et al
STEP RIGHT UP! PRESENTING THE FIRST-EVER SELF-PERFORMING BOOK OF ILLUSION How can a book read your mind? Or perform sleight-of-hand? Created and hosted by Mark Setteducati and Anne Benkovitz, The Magic Show is unlike any other book of magic in that the book actually performs magic for you.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t : Lessons in Sleight of Hand
by Bill Tarr, et al

A comprehensive course in classic sleights of hand, just as they are done by the world’s greatest professional magicians. A bit of a backlist classic; 113,000 sold to date.

Magic For Dummies®
by David Pogue
A friendly, funny introduction to the art of magic, this complete reference for budding magicians features tricks that can be performed by absolute beginners without special props or much preparation.

The World’s Best Simple Bar Tricks
by Doug Lansky
A fun way to pass time in a bar or restaurant! Join in the fun by learning the secret of the “healed” broken matchstick…the mysteriously moving cigarette…the miraculous liquid handcuffs…and the “can-you-line-them-up?” three-glass challenge. Here are 50 entertaining and exceptionally easy illusions, brain benders, games, gimmicks, and unnatural phenomena that require little or no physical skill to perform.


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