Audio and Visual Requirements


audioPurchaser will provide a professional sound system appropriate for the venue. Brad needs a cordless, lapel microphone (Wireless Lavalier). Countryman style headsets are great, but large Madonna-style headsets are not.  (Please have extra batteries available.) Brad will also bring his own specialized mp3 player, (it’s a tricked-out iPod) and will need to hook it up to your sound system.  Brad’s MP3 is hooked to a mini-computer, and is line level. Brad’s preference is to plug his own “direct box” into your system using a XLR cord.   Please provide a second microphone for back up and for the introducer to use.  Finally, he’ll need sound out from his computer. See below.

For larger groups, (over 500) please arrange for Brad to be able to plug in his music player near the stage. The sound board in the back/middle of the room will not work.  (The range for the remote control is too great.)

•Most hotels/convention centers will provide a 4-channel mixer. This works great.
•Brad will also need access to AC. (A single electrical plug next to his tricked out iPod.)
•Sound Out for Brad’s computer. (See below.)
• Brad will need a small hedgehog and a Key West Blue Tongued Vole. (Kidding… no animals please.)

Computer Projector

Brad has a Mac, and will bring the correct adapters. Brad will need sound from the computer too.


Magic in the dark is lousy! Brad must be well-lit. Remember that magic is a visual art and must be easy-to-see to be successful. In order to assure success, Brad must be in bright lights.

.• Arrange for a general stage wash.

. • For groups over 200, Arrange for a spotlight(s) on Brad with a Tech to run them.

Room Setup

The distance from the first row of seats/tables to the stage should be no more than 8′.

* Platform: Brad needs to perform on a raised platform. At least 18” off the ground. For larger groups, higher is better. No smaller than 8 x 8, though at least 16 x 8 is preferred.

• Please arrange to have the platform on the “long” wall of a rectangle-shaped room. This maximizes the good seats, and minimizes the bad seats. Avoid setting up the room “like a bowling alley” with people looking the long-way at the stage. Magic is visual. We need to eliminate as many of the “bad” seats as possible.

• Because of the magic tricks involved, Brad cannot work at a Head Table. Please arrange a separate platform. (Usually you can set up the separate platform on the opposite side of the room as the Head Table.)


Brad will bring people from your group up on stage. Please arrange to have stairs to the platform.

Chair on Stage with a Black Table Cloth

Brad brings a case with props. He has a special way to set it up on stage. Please provide (hotels and convention centers have them!) a black table cloth which he will use to drape the chair and his case.


Brad will not work with servers on the floor. If the program is after a meal, instruct the catering manager to ask the entire wait staff to leave before the program starts. Nothing is more distracting to your audience than the noise & motions of folks clearing the tables.

Dance Floor

If there is a dance floor, do not put Brad on the stage “on the other side” of the dance floor. This separates Brad from the audience, and will greatly reduce the impact of Brad’s show.

Video Magnification

For especially large groups (over 450-500 people) arrange for video magnification. Call us if you have any questions.


Recording is not allowed w/o permission from Brad.  Brad Montgomery retains all rights.  If videoed, Brad Montgomery is to receive original, full-resolution digital copies. He can provide a hard disk if needed.  A DVD is not sufficient…he’ll want the original (and very large) computer files.  Brad Montgomery is to approve client use of video for maximum of 5 minutes

Note: The main idea is that Brad must be easy to see and hear. Excellent sound and lighting will help you to the get the most “Bang for your Buck.” It is nearly this simple: the better the lights and sound, the better the program. These details can – and will – make the difference between a standing ovation and a complete flop. Please call us if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help make this event a success.

Questions? Give us a buzz…we want to make this event a success too. Contact me here.

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