Articles about humor, laughter, and the power of laughter.

Four Ways to Build a Better Workplace with Humor From the Humor Hints Series.

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Life by Taking Control of Your Attitude From the Humor Hints Series.

How to be Stressed for Successes Another great Humor Hint on making stress work for you, instead of against you.

How to Create Positive People in the Workplace When You aren’t the Boss Another great Humor Hint on creating a positive and fun work environment.

Humor’s Role in Tragedy Life can be difficult and painful, but often people forget how humor can uplift us when tragedy strikes.

If You Don’t Pause, Nothing Worthwhile will Catch Up to You A tidbit on taking time to enjoy to enjoy the small things in life.

Making the Most of Difficult Transitions Some tips on getting through the tough spots in life.

What if the Hokey Pokey IS What It’s All About? An interesting article exploring the philosophy of life and how to find your focus.

When Hell Freezes Over – ICE SKATE! Great tips on using humor to help handle adversity.

The Joke is Dead A very interesting article about the changes of jokes over time

Ordinary Magic: Why Life is Fun and Funny. (First published in Humor Me) Sample Chapter By Brad Montgomery, CSP If you need a reminder about why and how life is fun and funny, read on!

Making the Grade A sample chapter from Is Your Glass Laugh full by Ronald P. Culberson, CSP

Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think A fun article about enjoying your life now… don’t put it off.

Prescription for Humor Ten Tips to start using humor in the workplace right NOW!

Humor in Practice When is ok to Laugh? Some thoughts about laughing at a funeral…. sounds crazy, but read on…

Turn Your Trade Show into a FUNvention Some notes and ideas about cranking up the fun – index at your next trade show.

A Dose of Humor Keeps You From Losing Your Patients Think humor is important in healthcare? For the patients? For the health care providers. This article has some interesting thoughts.

Humor and Healing: the Laugh Factor Interesting Healthcare and Humor article about humor’s role in healing

Humor as a cost-effect means of Stress Management. Got Stress? Think humor can help you manage stress in your workplace? Think that using humor can help save you money? Read this interesting resource.

Is Your Humor A Safe Bet? An interesting article about the whats and what-types of humor you should consider safe for your workplace.

Mind If I Laugh? How are Humor and Tragedy related? This is a great article by a great humorist that discusses the connection between tragedy and humor.

The Perspective of Humor A fun and funny article that is both funny and instructive about how humor can change our perspective.

Someday We’ll Laugh about This A humor resource that discusses the connection between humor, difficult situations, and the passage of time.

Tap Those Creative Juices! Humor and creativity are related? Yup, read on about humor’s relationship to creativity.

Today’s Nursing Shortage a Laughing Matter? In this article — written by a nurse — you’ll find a discussion about the connection between the nursing crisis and humor.

What Trips your Trigger? A discussion about the different types of humor… and why you might care!

When Is A Joke Not A Joke? Sometimes intended jokes hit far from the mark. This is a discussion of jokes and when they are appropriate.

5 Facts of Humor’s Balancing Act What are the benefits of humor? Read more here.

6 Amazing Powers of Laughter An article about the benefits of laughter.

10 Appropriate Humor Tips How can you make sure your humor is appropriate?

Evaluate Your Sense of Humor A simple test to help you know where you stand with your sense of humor

Humor Tips at Work and School What role do you think humor and education plays? Read a short article about work and school / education here.

Illness is a Laughing Matter Humor and healing? Yup… read this article about humor’s role in illness.

If you like to tell jokes, but think you might benefit from some joke-tellin’-tips… read on!

Play is the Essence of Humor Ad discussion about the connection between play and humor? Is play really the essence of humor?

Stress-Proof Your Festive Season with Humor! Stress proof your holidays with a generous dose of humor!

Surviving Grief with Humor This is a very basic article about how to survive grief with humor. Really just a starter article..

Take yourself lightly, Take your work seriously Sure you gotta respect your work… bt this article discusses taking yourself less seriously!

The Ancient History of Humor and Health

The Gift of Laughter A discussion of the benefits of laughter!

The Healing Effects of Humor A short article about humor’s effect on over all health!

What is Comedy? A very introductory discussion of the definition of comedy.

What is Healing Humor? A very basic intro to the benefits of humor to the healing process. Humor and Healthcare 101. : )

Managing the Dash – This is a really good article about stress management. Stress is a perception? Read on!

The Way We Laughed Great article about laughter…. put in a much larger social context.

Prevent Hardening of the Attitude with Humor Another excellent article about how humor and positive attitudes are linked. Nice job!

Re-Moralizing Ourselves Through Humor Humor is more than joke telling… it is our perspective on the world. Great article.

Enjoying Your Family – Humor, Play & Laughter A discussion about humor and family.

Jest for the Health of It! Our physical health is related to humor? Yup… read this article for more.

Laughing Your Way Through Work Yes…you can bring humor with you to work! Read more about humor in the workplace here.

Diverting Leadership Style with Humor Humor is recognized as a key ingredient to leadership and success. Read this excellent article on humor and leadership.

What’s So Funny? Humor and parenting are linked…. read more about it in this great article from a very funny parent.