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How to Book Brad as Your Motivational Speaker

It’s super easy. That’s our job; to make it easy.

Once you’ve decided, just let us know you’ve decided. Our job is to take it from there. What can you expect from that point?

• We’ll let get you a super-simple Letter of Agreement. This piece of paper guarantees that we’ll have you on Brad’s calendar.
• We’ll ask for a 50% deposit. This is your guarantee.
• We’ll send you some very simple paperwork, asking for some background info about you, your industry, and your organization.
* We’ll set up a conference call with you and Brad. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make your event a success, It’s also a chance for you and Brad to make sure he’s up to speed, get’s some inside “scoop” about your group, and knows exactly how to please you, your internal customers, and your audience.
• We’ll keep you involved and informed with Brad’s travel information.
• We’ll suddenly be on your team; we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you get what you need when you need it. Information. Customization. Excellence.

• Any questions? Call us. We are (literally) here to help make you and your event a success. That’s our motto; and it’s how Brad has become one of the best motivational speakers in the land.

How to Void the Warranty For Your Motivational Speaker:

5 steps to sabotaging your investment with The Best Motivational Speakers

Fail to have the proper audio visual equipment set up & tested. Brad has some specific AV needs that help set him apart from other speakers. They are not complex or expensive. But they are important. Fail to have the right gear tested and Brad is sure to flop. (He won’t flop, but you’ll get a lot less than you paid for.)

Schedule the event poorly… And put Brad on in the wrong time. (eg: Serve a heavy lunch, then have three of your top guys hit the stage with WAY too many PowerPoint slides and bore the audience to tears. Have them go on too long. Wait until they audience needs to use the bathroom REALLY bad, but instead of having a break and some caffeine, send up Brad. It’s a guaranteed…. Flop!)

Introduce Brad poorly. Don’t read his introduction. Or interrupt it with your own comments. Ask Brad to speak about something he isn’t comfortable speaking about. (Don’t worry… He’s great at telling you which topics are good — and bad.)?Mislead — or fail to inform — the audience about what to expect. Brad is a fun, extraordinary and funny speaker. If your group is expecting something else, you can count on a flop.

A note about “Sound Checks”

Brad loves them! Let us know when, and Brad will “Check” the sound, allow your people to set the correct levels, etc. Please have the head AV pro on hand for 60 min during the check.
Please have the A.V. equipment installed and tested. Brad is not a tester…your people should do that before Brad arrives. Brad is a “plugger inner.” This means that he’ll plug his equipment into your gear… which should already be tested and ready.
Technical Rehearsal: If you would like to have Brad test the equipment, you can arrange a technical rehearsal at an extra fee. Contact to set this up.
Please understand that the requirements listed above are straight forward and fairly simple. Every professional sound company or hotel has this equipment on hand, and it’s not expensive.

If you need help with any of it, call us. If you would like us to produce the entire technical side of the program, (arrange for all of the sound, lights, staging, etc) let us know….. We do that too. We can bring in a whole team of pros. Again, just contact us at the office and allow us to get a quote to you.