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See motivational speaker Brad Montgomery explain his approach to Realtor / real estate audiences.

Don’t Take Our Word for It!  Brad is a PROVEN speaker for Realtors

You don’t just want a good motivational speaker.  You want a proven, Hall of Fame speaker you know is going to make you look good.  And more than that, you want a speaker who has a proven track record working for agents, agency, and state Realtor Associations.

“Especially relevant to realtors!”

“Our hardest to please members said ‘This is the best session in 25 years doing this!”
— Arkansas Realtor Association

“I’ve had a lot of speakers in the past, but Brad was the one that makes a difference… He is fantastic.”  — Re/Max Realtors Dixie Region

“Hit it out of the ball park!”   — Re/Max Mississippi

Funny Speaker Magician


Brad Montgomery is an expert at happiness at work.  It turns out that happy people out perform their less happy peers … Of particular interest to Real Estate organizations and Realtors is that happy people sell 37% more.

Brad’s approach is fresh.  He doesn’t talk about sales techniques, networking techniques, or real estate strategies. Brad talks about harnessing our attitude on purpose in order to get the most out of ourselves and those around us. He reveals proven, science-backed techniques for increasing our baselines off happiness which in turn increase our bottom lines.  Brad teaches how to be happy, on purpose, in order to maximize success.

No.  It isn’t a typo.  Happy people sell 37% more than their less happy counter parts.

And lucky you, happiness can be broken down into steps. It can be taught.  And it can be learned.  (And it’s all backed in science.

Learn more about how Brad Montgomery takes his knowledge as a real estate motivational speaker and his expertise about Happiness at Workplaces and uses it to create customized functions for real estate professional that helps them succeed in their business.

He’s relevant, proven, and guaranteed.  Oh, and people tell us he is REALLY funny.

Call today for a free consultation about how we can improve you, your team, and those people around you.

“Energetic! Hit it out of the park for us!”

— Re/Max
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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Professional motivational speaker Brad Montgomery inspires and teaches audiences to celebrate small victories with his Embrace Your Awesomeness program. Although he has worked for nearly every industry, he’s been especially busy in the real estate and Realtor niche.  He’s worked for regional and state Real Estate associations, as well as for many large agencies looking for an experienced funny Realtor speaker.

He has a wonderful blend of a “People” message with a “Sales” message.   Give us a call to find out how Brad can best serve your Realtor group.