Learning doesn’t stop, even if people finishes school or don’t even attend one in the first place. That’s life for you, forever giving you opportunities to gather new knowledge. Now, it’s hard to be scholastic about everything, because people won’t get things done if they do. That’s why reading is encouraged. Whatever work you do, it’s always good to be a well-rounded person. It’s not just about earning more money, it’s also about being as efficient as possible.

As a motivational speaker, I only want the best for the people I help. But I’m also the first to tell you that motivation can only do so much for some people. It may even leave the people half-full. This is where reading helps, because their stock knowledge complements what I say in the keynote. It’s the same if they start to read after attending the seminar.

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Most people, even from a young age, attribute reading as a primary source of knowledge, if not success. As early as the third grade, we are able to associate answers to something we read. If you are a manager, it’s worth the effort to locate books that will help your employee. If you are working for a team, you suggest the same thing.

Let’s face it: as adults, we find academic books dull. The books we’re likely to read are those that are in the self-help sections of bookstores. It’s no shame to admit that, probably because those books actually help. Even fictional stories help, as long as they contain values that will help people’s development further.

The Role of Speakers

This is where motivational speakers, like me, come in. Think of us as batting coaches. We’ll tell you where the pitcher is likely to throw the ball so you can hit a homerun. We prepare speeches and topics that will work with certain types of employees or for a certain industry.

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