I just got a great note from my client, FBLA Wyoming. It was great being your motivational speaker. folks. Thanks for the kind words!

(Read about my experience with these high school students and the keynote here.)
What’s my point? If you’re looking to hire motivational speakers or humorists for ANY type of group… from corporate to high school to association to education…. check to make sure your speaker has a LONG list of happy clients with whom you can speak. You have a lot more at stake that the investment of the speakers’ fee; your meeting can get a huge hit from a lousy speaker, and get a huge boost from a great one. You don’t have to “guess” which speakers are good…. check up on them. Make sure the references are recent. (Have they done well in front of their last five audiences?) Make sure there are references from years ago. (In other words, is there a LONG track record?) And mostly, make sure that your speaker has a history of doing well for a group like yours.

Here’s what FBLA Wyoming wrote:

Thanks so much for your positive comments on the conference. It is fun to see fbla logowhat great kids we have in our organization and I very much appreciate your working with us on your fee.

I received the box of brownies in the mail on Monday and just tried one today. They are wonderful and I really appreciate them. They don’t really fit into my annual post-conference diet, but they are sure a treat with a cup of coffee after the rest of my family leaves in the morning! The box is really cool, too. My younger boys are fighting over who gets that when the brownies are gone.

Thanks again for a great keynote and workshop. Of course, I didn’t get to sit in on the workshop, but the keynote address was extremely entertaining. For me personally, it was just the comic relief I needed at that point. We will definitely keep you in mind for future conferences. I’ve been told by my “boss” at the State Department of Education that, compared to the other students’ organizations in our state, FBLA hires the best conference speakers, hands down. Thanks for helping me uphold our reputation!

K. H. FBLA Wyoming

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