I blogged earlier that I took my daughter Claire with me on a trip to do a funny speech in Orlando, Florida. It was a great idea for a dozen reasons, nine of which rhyme with Disney World.

It was a blast to see the whole thing through her nine year old eyes. I wasn’t expecting to have that much fun.

One of the many things that amazed me about my daughter was that she didn’t want to buy anything. Disney World is genius at getting you to open your wallets… but somehow Claire just wasn’t that interested in buying any of the cheesy Mickey-wear. Yeah, she looked… but in the end she’d rather go look for fun out in the park. And in this hat store… we both (literally) got into it. But let’s face it, though I wouldn’t want to own it…it’s pretty fun to try it on.

So we played in the stores… took pictures, and left with our wallets intact. Not what the marketers had in mind, but I was thrilled.

disney speakerrs
We buy too much stuff for our kids — and it isn’t gonna help them to be more happy. (Need proof… look at her smile. In the photo she didn’t want to own the hat… but we were both having a hoot.)

We weren’t plannng to buy anything… but that ain’t no reason why we can’t still use some of that goofy (or I mean Goofy?) stuff to have a laugh.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker and Humorist, Dad, Cheapskate (And Proud of It!)

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