probation1Dear readers: no, I’m not on probation. No I haven’t ever been caught up in the justice system. But I did recently get hired to be a funny motivational speaker for a bunch of fine probation pros based in the Chicago, Illinois area. (Though oddly we went to Wisconsin to have the event.)

It was a total hoot.

Ethical Bribe: Hey you probation peeps! Leave a comment on my blog below and tell me one thing that you did differently based on our time together today.  And tell me what the effect was. (Did it make your day more fun? What happened at the meeting when you did it?  What did your kids do?) And then I’ll send you something fun. (No, not a Ford Explorer or a $500 shopping spree, but it’s fun and cool. And it’s my treat.) The first 15 people who reply with how you were spurred into action will get a free gift.

You will type in your email but that remains private and is never published. It just is for me to send you the gift.


Thanks again. It was a total pleasure to be your probation speaker.

Are you an organization — probation or otherwise — and need a speaker to motivate in a laugh out loud funny way, I hope you’ll pick me. Contact me here.


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  1. Sandra DeNicholas
    Sandra DeNicholas says:

    Thanks so much for the message! You are truly inspirational! I read a joke every morning to start my day off with a laugh! It works!

  2. Dawn Bushma
    Dawn Bushma says:

    Brad, I first saw you in North Carolina at the Drug and Mental Health Specialist Conference, 2 years ago. At that time, your presentation changed my thinking and the way I choose to interpret things. When you came to Wisconsin to speak to U. S. Probation, you confirmed and reminded me of what is important, and more importantly, what is not. Whether I am the first 15 or not, I am grateful to have heard your presentations. Thanks. (e-mail address provided is my personal account).

  3. Kim Daly
    Kim Daly says:

    I have a very large stufed gorilla (it was my sons when he was little) I put him in the back seat of the car with his seat belt on rolled the window down & rested his arm out the window. (I also put a White Sox hat on him) (yeah I’m a Sox fan). What a blast I had. I got so many beeps, thumbs up & big big smiles at every red light.

    It was a blast. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  4. Susan Schmitz
    Susan Schmitz says:

    We implemented the beach ball program. If anyone in our office (Rockford) is copping an attitude, we pummel them (gently of course), with mini beach balls. It makes everyone laugh.

    Thanks for the idea Brad. The conference was wonderful!

  5. Wendy Gingell
    Wendy Gingell says:

    We now have a box of balls in our Intake department that get use on a regular basis!!! What better way to break up a boring afternoon than to be hit by a bunch of balls? We all need clown noses next!

  6. Cindy Ragazinskas
    Cindy Ragazinskas says:

    Hey Brad – Just want to thank you for your inspirational and humorous lessons. How cool is that? I am a true believer that “laughter” is a necessity and the best remedy for stress in the office. I’ve recently made use of the beach balls in our office brought in by a co-worker- it was fun. Upon returning from the training, a few co-workers appreciated the false teeth I donned one day – a dentist’s nightmare – better yet a dentist’s trophy since they are large, discolored, and crooked. I always appreciate a good laugh. You reinforced my outlook on life. Keep making people laugh, and by the way, I’m dying to try the coffee cup on the car roof!!! :)

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