I just got off the phone with our Commander in Chief. presid We first talked baseball, kids, and even a tad about nicknames. He’s a chatter! (We stayed away from those pesky subjects of the war, the economy and that silly “consumer confidence.”)
But it turns out that our nation’s leader wanted to talk to me about humor in the workplace. His staff (understandably) is suffering. They have lousy morale, don’t see a bunch of hope for the near future, and generally are not operating at their peak potential. “Can you help me , Brad? Can you help our country?” asked our President.

I get a lot of calls like this.

“No sweat, Mr. President!” So we talked about some specific tactics and techniques he could use as a manager to help get his folks out of the “funk” and back into the groove.

It’s my job.  I help leaders who need to give their people a push start. Who need to rev up the fun so they can rev up the productivity. I speak to groups who are dealing with Change … and for now, so does President Bush.
president bush talks about brad in this comic stripIt was a pleasure getting a call from the leader of the free world.

But after four hours, I made him hang up and get back to promoting democracy. I mean, procrastination is great, but even the President has to work now and then.

Thanks President Bush. If you need more help with a humor in the workplace keynote or seminar, feel free to contact me.



PS. Thanks to comicstripgenerator.com for the cool graphic. Does your newsletter or website need some spicing up? Think you could use some more humor in your job but don’t know how? Give this free service a try!

PPS. Do YOU have any cool resources for punching up the fun? Any weblinks I should know about? Share your best ideas in a comment!

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