I’ve recently blogged about the Presidential race and about American Idol. My pal, Colorado – based Andrew Hudson sent me this great combo of the two concepts:

In this day of YouTube, I think it would be awesome. And more than a little funny.

What do you think? Comment!

My answer to our elections is to do “American President” similar to “American Idol”.

Think about it. Auditions are held across the country. We get former presidents or former presidential candidates as judgees and we get 30 really good folks – ya know, really good people, like school teachers, city council members, mayors, CEOs, average folks who are really good leaders – folks who really care about this country! They are all lined up and for 10 weeks they have debates and one-on-one interviews to really get to understand whether they have what it takes to answer the 3:00 a.m. phone call.

We all call the 1800 number every week and vote on who we want to be president! Everyone, theoretically, has a shot. At the very least, we can run the winner as an Independent candidate.

Do you think this would be at least as good as the goofy (and somewhat hilarious system we have now?) Comment…. I dare you.

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