This computer animation of a computer bug cracked me up. It looks real doesn’t it? Admit it, you tried to “brush” it off your screen, huh? Combine this animation with the fact that I love office pranks and office practical jokes and bam! We’ve got an idea for ya!

Here’s a ready-to-implement practical joke you can pull on your office mates. Right now. No prep time.. Nothing sticky. Nothing to buy or clean up. Just haul your office mate and tell them you have just got a computer bug.

“Hey!  Oh no!  I have a computer bug!!!   EEEEEEEEEaaaaaaghkkkkk!”   (You can leave off that last word if you have trouble pronouncing it.   I personally think the “k”s are silent.)

Better yet, call in your IT support team and show them this bug. [Here’s your chance to try out your acting chops. Get excited. Show them your anxiety. Be the nervousness. A bit of the old method acting will improve this prank. Besides, let’s face it: you haven’t acted since high school and you miss it.]

Yeah, I know. It’s not brilliant. But it’s kinda cool. Admit it. It’s kinda cool.

Craving some humor in your workplace and need more than an animated computer bug? Hire a funny motivational speaker. (My keynote speech is WAY funnier than this moving graphic, I swear!) Go to the contact page now.

Do me a favor: let me know how it turns out. Were they fooled? Did the mood in the office change? Was it fun? Or did they just think you were a nut? (For the record, my wife was in the second category.)


Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Speaker, Funny Keynote Speaker, Lover of Silly Practical Jokes



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  1. Archie
    Archie says:

    I’m a grey haired user of a computer.a friend of my has got one of these figure of eight bugs on his screen.
    Can anybody advise how to delete it


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