Humor in Political Advertising

Political ads give me the hives. It all looks the same to me, and I tune it out. After all, how often can you listen to arguments like this:

“He didn’t pay his taxes”

“Yes I did!”

“He voted against families”

“No I didn’t!”

“He hates puppies.

“No I don’t!”

(Ok, I might have made that last one up.)

The ads are predictable, and are therefore worthless. (I didn’t read a single political ad this year; did you?)

But check out these two humorous images the totally convey a political message. (Note how I have picked one image from either side of the aisle.)

What’s my point?

If you want to get your message across, use humor as a tool. Want to sell more, manage better, lead better, communicate better? Use humor. It will get your message heard through the noise.

Brad Montgomery
Humorist, Student of Humor, Tired of Political Ads

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  1. Lynne Quintana
    Lynne Quintana says:

    I agree with this.. “We’re fighting three wars now. Imagine how many we’d be fighting if Obama hadn’t won the Nobel Peace Prize.” —Jay Leno … Just sharing

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